Friday, March 27, 2009

Hand & Glove

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One of my best friends, Sherri, opened a 'glove' store, Hand & Glove, in Breckenridge, CO, a few months ago. Wow!! What great gloves!

I've already got a number of pairs for winter and will now pick up a few pairs for summer. I'm looking at these for driving and/or sailing:

Ladies Vented Summer Glove (Garden Section)

And I LOVE this gardening set, both the gloves and the gardening apron:

Both the gloves and apron feel like butter. I can't tell you how soft they are. Fabulous! I'm thinking of using the apron in the house for my cell phone and timer instead of out in the yard. It's just too nice to get dirty I think. So pretty. And I'm NOT a 'little flower' person, but damn, I just love this set.

The men's wool gloves are equally great if your honey is in cold or snow bound weather.

Check out her site to order online at Enjoy!



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