Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sea Shepherd's Fight For Whales Loses A Bow

"If a whale is hit by an exploding harpoon near Antarctica and the world doesn’t have a way to witness that, does it make a sound?" said Andrew C. Revkin of the New York Times.

Photo credit: JoAnne McArthur / Sea Shepherd Conservation Society "This photo taken on January 6, 2010 from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society shows the Sea Shepherd's ship Ady Gil (bottom), a wave-piercing boat formerly known as "Earthrace", after it was rammed by Japanese whaling vessel Shonan Maru No. 2 (background) in Antarctic waters. The space-age powerboat sent to harass Japanese whalers was rammed and sliced in two in its very first clash, activists said, dramatically escalating hostilities in icy Antarctic seas. All six crew on the Ady Gil trimaran, which holds the round-the-world record, were rescued unharmed, the Sea Shepherd animal rights group said in a statement.

"An international moratorium on commercial whaling was imposed in 1986 but Japan kills hundreds each year using a loophole that allows "lethal research" on the animals. Japan makes no secret of the fact that whale meat ends up on dinner tables, and accuses Western nations of not respecting its culture," states France24.

So, let's see. The Andy Gil is sitting there, doing nothing, very little movement based on prop wash. (I captained a almost-hundred-ton boat for some time, I KNOW prop wash.) Then, at the last moment, the Andy Gil seems to accelerate to try and get out of the way. You'll notice that the Andy Gil doesn't start showing prop wash indicating major forward movement UNTIL AFTER the wake of the Whale Killer Japanese Boat has washed PAST THE stern of the Andy Gil. And as the Whale Killing Japanese Boat speeds by, it is STILL is firing water cannons at the Andy Gil as she takes on water.

Hmmmm.... I guarantee you the Captain of the Andy Gil is NOT going to risk the crew's life at the hull of that Whale Killer ship by RAMMING it at the bow point. And while Sea Shepard takes great risks with their ships and crew, they are NOT going to do it purposefully by just sitting there.

Here is another angle from the video from onboard a Sea Shepard Vessel:

This stinks of rotten Whale Meat Eaters.

My next car will not be Japanese. Sadly. I'll also never buy a Nikon camera. Why are Japanese still finding WHALE MEAT something that MUST be in their diet? Go Sea Shepard.

The real threat to whales is whaling, which has endangered many whale species.
--Dave Barry

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