Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Fire on the mountain!!

Finished the 'off-white' 'puooffff' of a scarf for Grandma this weekend. And started on another crochet boa. Did one of these already in Lion Brand Thick and Quick® Plush Boas in Black Thick and Quick Chenille. WOW!! It's way to fun. I made it 150 chains long instead of the 40 on the pattern. I also used a "N" hook instead of the "Q" hook recommended. I just love how it came out!! So, now I have to make a few for holiday presents.

Also I am looking for a lightweight shawl pattern to start knitting. Planning on spending some time today with the knitting books I checked out from the library today.

An area on Mt. Charleston is currently burning which is very scary and very sad for the people and animals that live there. Having lived in Las Vegas for over forty years, it's interesting to have a living history of past lack of fires there in my memory. We have been lucky over the years to have very few fires on the mountain and of those, none that have threatened human life and home as this fire may do today. Hopefully, all the wild animals will get away and the fire fighters now there will stop the fire from spreading any further.


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