Monday, June 12, 2006

Breakfast with Mr. Tuttles & Clapotis II -- DONE!!!

Mr. Tuttles, so funny he is. Banging on the sliding glass door for breakfast in the AM. He is very social and too cute. Eats like a pig! His breakfast is broccoli, carrots, cactus pads and Mega-Diet (pellets made just for Desert Tortoises). Sounds just yummy doesn't it?

Mr. T At Breakfast

Hehhehhhe. DONE!! Well, almost. It IS OFF of the needles. Just the ends to weave in. Then to the mailbox!! Let's see, looking back.....started November 2005. Finished June 2006. Maybe I'm NOT so good with the making of holiday presents. I'm just saying......

Done!! Clapotis II

It's really MORE this color.....

Close Up

The the sun.

The Sphinx

And since I'm done with the Xmas Clapotis (almost), I thought I'd finish LAST summers Clapotis. Guess I'll rename this Clapotis III. Mostly because it's easier to talk about and I just like using Roman Numerals.

LAST Summers Undone Clapotis In Cotton

I know I haven't been blogging much. So busy and then, so tired. A few Sunday's ago I volunteered for a benefit for the local animal foundation. Let's just note that if I didn't have Luna and also, didn't want a second dog to take to the boat, THIS would have gone home with me.

Almost Took Home

His paws were as big as my palm....and he could have walked right under Luna. But his ears!!

What Is A Half-Pitt & Half-Basset

Easily 6 inches straight up. I'm not joking. WAYYYYY to cute, way to funny, way to sweet. I just adored him. I would have had to name him 'Ears.' How could I not?


Blogger Linda and Denny said...

I can't imagine how you were able to resist "Ears"-(s)he is absolutely adorable!

Congrats on finally finishing Clapotis. Be sure to show the totally finished product on Ms. Luna.

3:35 AM  

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