Monday, October 23, 2006

Storm'n Up A Dock Party

Last week, some of my fabulous lake neighbors held a big fun Dock Party.

The morning started out like this.

Right Before Lake Storm

Then this happened. Let me tell you, there is nothing like the smell of the desert after a thunder storm. My most favorite smell on the planet!!!

Lake Storm

The skies opened up and rained on us!!! Then stopped.

What Luna Does At The Lake

And then, after set up and LOTS of yummy "Cosmopolitans" with Fab Hostess Jan, the following story in pictures and words happened:

Larry & Roberta

Larry is one of my dearest friends and Roberta is my cousin Stewart's girlfriend. Roberta and I sang a lot. Especially one song..... a lot. I think it was American Pie, but I can't remember. Jan kept filling up my drink.

Roger & Friends

Roger is Jan's husband. He can captain any boat in the world I think.

I Think This Is Jeff, But We KNOW The Other Face

I don't know this man, but Luna sure seems to be in love.

Cute Dog

How cute is this dog?

More Of Cute Dog

Notice the dog ear on the left edge of the frame. What are they looking at? I don't know.

Luna & Chris

Chris owns the sailboat next to mine. I always tell Luna that Chris is her Aunt. Luna spends lots of time on Chris' boat. I think Chris sneaks her treats. Human food. Aunt Chris. Luna loves her Aunt Chris.

Don't Know & Lynn

Don't know and my house boat neighbor, Lynn. She makes 'garlic pretzels' that are to die for.

Roberta & Luna

Luna putting some serious loving on Roberta.

Don & Roxy

Roxy and Don, husband of Lynn, my wonderful houseboat neighbors.

Fun Roger

Roger has the best laugh. Right from the heart.


I think that is Chris' 'you're full of shit' look. Is she looking at me?

Jeff (??) & Wife, Owned by Cute Dog

Fabulous Jan, Party Hostess

Here's Jan, of 'Cosmopolitan' fame. She makes these fabulous drinks that make me very happy!! Boomer is so fluffy!! Good thing I didn't spill anything on him...look at that pearly coat!!

Neighbor & Larry

The food tent. Jan put up a food tent. I'm telling ya, there is not a food slouch on this dock.

Larry & Lynn

I think Larry and Lynn are yumming up some 'Texas Pizza.' I think it's cherries, whip creme on some flat sweet bread. I can't remember, I was drinking those fun Cosmopolitans!!!!


What she's stalking, I don't know.

Chris Singing

Here's Chris singing Amazing Grace. Believe me, Chris can sing.

Kathy, Dee & Luna

More dock neighbors. Luna loves Kathy too. And Kathy's dogs, Luke and Westley.

Roger & Boomer

And then, the next hangover! Watched the sun come up!!


Incredible pinks, purples and blues. And the desert smell of sage and sand.

Luna & Chris

Luna and Aunt Chris out for a row.

Aunt Chris & Luna

That's all. A fun party was had by all!!!


Blogger Linda and Denny said...

After visiting the Florida Keys in 2002 Denny and I said we'd have to consider living in a houseboat and traveling the waterways by that method once we were ready to give up rving. I can see that this could be a good thing after your post.

4:07 AM  
Anonymous Nora said...

Such fun - Luna certainly had a BALL! Thanks for sharing. x

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Beck in FL said...

Hi Kim & Luna! Just stopped by to see what you guys have been up to! Great pics as always. The water looks wonderful!

6:01 PM  

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