Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Boat Camping

Without the kindness and help of others, I would certainly be lacking in some of the best experiences of my life!

This past weekend, Luna and I went 'boat camping' with the Lake Mead Sailing Club. Wow. What BIG fun it is to spend the sunset in a cove, enjoying the company of some really fine humans with some good wine and food.

I truly can't thank enough the people that helped me get my boat beached (!!!!!!!!) safely, anchored, rafted up, Luna off and on the boat for relief breaks, and then safely away from the beach (!!!!!).

My first rule of thumb in sailing has always been to keep the boat AFLOAT and AWAY from land (!!!!!). Let me say I was certainly hesitant to motor my sailboat ONTO shore.

But the sailing club does it all the time. And they all helped me in more ways than I count!! A BIG, heartfelt THANK YOU to you patient and kind humans.

So, what does a night away from the safety of the slip look like? Here's a photo tour:

This is what most people see of Lake Mead, NV.

A Carpet of Carp at ALL Marina Walk-ways

Lots of sailing gets done out there on Lake Mead.

Racing Too

All headed towards a mark

I often have a magnificent view of the sun and moon rise no matter where I am on the lake.

Full Moon Rising

But, when you leave for parts unknown, here is what you get!!

We sailed away for about four hours in a nice gentle breeze. Then about 2 pm, BIG WINDS showed up. So, once we got to the cove area where we would eventually beach (!!!), we tied up to a floating head in the area for a 'wait and see' with the wind Gods.

Below, Jocelyn and J.J. on-board for a quick afternoon break while we contemplate a nap as the winds continue to HOWL. At this point in the adventure, I'm not sure whether I'm going to continue or go home.

Everybody Love The Shade

I didn't chicken out, and I had TONS of help getting onshore (!!!!!!), anchored, rafted up, etc. I have no pictures of all of that happening because I was trying to keep from screaming the boat straight as I nosed it onto shore (!!!!!).

Let me now say my keel has touched bottom in oh-so-slow and gentle ways.

J.J. & George Conversing On Kim's SO SLOW Touchdown

I don't have a picture of Terry and George strong arming my anchor, chain and line up the beach. They were pulling and heaving then hauling all that heavy metal up the beach and jamming it into the sand. Terry carried that anchor like it was a loaf of really good bread. I was amazed!! But, no pictures of any of this action.

Bill, Bill, Bill. Thank goodness for Bill. He kept me tied up safely to his and Jocelyn's beautiful Beneteau. Incredible help!! He's also quite the 'fashion' icon and sets many fashion trends -- as you'll see in an upcoming photo.

BIG Fenders Save Fiberglass!!

Bill. Bill. Bill.

There is much busy work keeping all these boats anchored to shore. And you know who really, really, really wants to help.

Luna and Bill

After ALL that hard work by so many OTHER people, here is what the view looks like from shore (!!!!) towards the cove.

Sailboats Safely ONSHORE (!!!!!)

I'm so thrilled to be here, I can hardly stand it!!! Chris, my slip neighbor, loaned me her dingy, so I could get Luna off of the boat and onto shore. Which Luna's bladder is ever thankful for! And it's fun to explore the shoreline and hike around.

I am always torn concerning Luna's safety with rattlesnakes and often debate with myself on whether to keep her on a leash or let her run. Now and thru the fall is rattlesnake season. I've seen them a number of times thru out my years at Lake Mead and I always feel it's a crap shoot.

Luna Explores The Cove

This is a huge part of why sailing is so fun!! Pictured left to right: Coffee Dave, Terry, Bill, Karen, Keith, George & Jocelyn.



All that work to get Kim and Luna ashore (!!!!) was WAY too much work and humans must now consume mass quantities of food to replenish spent stores.

Or maybe, "I'm starving and dam this food is good with this wine."

Jocelyn and Bill

Sunset STILL Going On

Luna and Terry Discussing..........?

And so the evening went. After appetisers, there was much grilling of dinner, more going ashore in the dingy for the dogs, card playing for the Captains (I 'won' a pair of new sailing gloves thru a passing-on-gift from George) and then sleeping while the boat was ASHORE (!!!!) amidst the gentle rocking of rippling waves.

I woke up about 2:30 am to see the moon rise and reflect on the lake waters then slid back into my berth to finish off the evenings sleep tidings.


And then there is a beautiful morning!! With coffee, slow, slow coffee.

View of the SHORE (!!!!) While Waiting for Water to Heat for Coffee

Mike and Beth on 'Be Natural'

I had NO CLUE that the men in the sailing club viewed P.J. wear so seriously!!! Mike (above) obviously chose Calvin Klein's 'super checked' sailing and sleeping wear with an eye for it's understated color-work and fabric oh-so-soft next to the skin excellence.

Bill (below) is really the fashion renegade though. His nightshirt in L. Bean's 'sailing plaid' really speaks volumes to his belief that freedom is king -- in mind and in air movement concerning parts unseen. Bill leads the way that someday soon, all sailing men will forever more be unrestricted in mind and dangling parts!!!

I believe he has also set up a Google Group for those still unsure if they are ready to be-so-free in sleepwear. We look forward to trumpeting his 'Let Freedom Ring' in future sailing posts.

Free Bill

J.J. and Luna really get along well. J.J. is even more hyper than Luna most of the time and requires many pictures to capture just one! He is always spinning in circles....he is way too cute.

J.J. & George As The Sun Peaks Over The Hill

Luna Perfect Puppy Dog on her Favorite Morning Nap Spot

Bill, Terry, Coffee Dave and Jocelyn enjoy breakfast on 'Harmony 2.' Look at that beautiful wood inside. I'm sure there is no better location for a perfect morning meal than this!

Bill & Jocelyn Serve Up Breakfast

Mike & Beth Head Back to Home Port

After morning breakfast and chores, the men got to 'work' on tuning H2.

George, Bill and Keith tune 'Harmony 2'

Terry then served up some Bloody Mary's for Jocelyn and I while we discussed storage options on 'Lucy D.' We all then moved over to my boat and discussed some life issues with another Bloody Mary. Life is so good!

Lunch was then grilled up by George as we all huddled under the shade of my boat.

The crowning piece DE' resistance was when Jocelyn and Terry served up desert. Angel food cake with sour creme and strawberries!!! YUM!!! YUM!!! YUM!!! And Mimosas!!

Naps were contemplated but by then it was 2pm. So, there was another onshore (!!!!) excursion for J.J. and Luna, then the Get-Kim-OFF-SHORE (!!!!) Team went to work.

Much hauling of heavy metal and stowing of anchor. My anchor storage area sucks and trying to get that anchor around the roller furling sucks. But once again, Terry and Bill did BIG work and I was away safely!!

Harmony 2 & Lucy D Are The Last To Leave

And that, my friends, is the Lake Mead I was able to see this past weekend thanks to the help of all the fabulous people of the Lake Mead Sailing Club that went on this weekend trip. Please forgive incorrect name spelling and name forgeting. I'll correct it when I get an update. Nevertheless.......

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

A ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are built for.
---- Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper.


Blogger Head Honcho said...

Glad to see you are truly spending your life!--I can feelthe fun thru the phots.
Love Su Amigo

6:17 PM  
Blogger Linda and Denny said...

Golly, it's a shame you had to spend the weekend roughing it on your sailboat like that! Heh.

I love your boating posts since the whole experience is so foreign to me, other than the fact that it's kind of like rving on the water. I imagine you return to your house energized yet relaxed at the same time.

I love, love, love the picture of the moon over the hills reflecting on the lake. Perfect.

7:17 AM  

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