Monday, March 05, 2007

Bald Eagles Fly Lake Mead

Bald eagles abound at Lake Mead National Recreation

This year's annual mid-winter survey conducted by the National Park Service in conjunction with surveys nationwide documented 87 bald eagles at lakes Mead and Mohave, the highest on record and eight more than the previous record in 2002.

"It's been a good year," said Dawn Fletcher, research assistant for the Public Lands Institute at the University of Nevada, which collaborated with the Park Service for the survey. Bald eagles migrate to the sprawling, Southern Nevada reservoirs when winter hits lakes and their hunting grounds in the mountainous Northwest.
I've seen a pair sitting atop Boulder Islands years ago. In amazement, I first thought they were a stuffed gag that someone had set up. Until they both took flight into the blue. It was an incredible sight and one I hope to witness again.

We're into our 'wind' season for the next few months. Then the 'hot' season. Yuck. Right now we're hitting mid-50's and 60's which is the best temps I think. You can be in a tee-shirt in the sun and a sweatshirt down below deck. Luna lays in the sun and even gets too hot sometimes.

I'm working on getting a few personal side projects set up. There are a number of things I'm very excited about that will enable me to grow and share a continued belief in spiritual pathways. I really need and now have the possibilities of breaking out of the doldrums I've been in for the past year. I'm now NOT spending time in negative daily energy from a situation and person that is oh-so-toxic because my work situation has changed. And, it will only get better!!

It's truly amazing how some people really are 'energy vampires' I think. When they walk into a room, you can just feel the energy being sucked away from anything positive and into their negative field. I'm SOOOOO glad to be free of that!!!

On to the BEST of my life!!!

The Accidental Hedonist: "Onion Pancetta Soup"

"Optimism is essential to achievement
and it is also the foundation of courage
and true progress."
--Lloyd Alexander


Blogger Head Honcho said...

I just posted some Eagle shots on my tonite. It was a grey day but notice how healthy-good feathered-the eagle appears. Love your new music.
Su Amigo

10:35 PM  

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