Sunday, January 06, 2008

Holiday 2007

I'm finally getting my holiday tome up! This holiday season had me driving to the northwest again to visit. The usual two-day drive saw fog in the desert, sheep in rain, and the usual snow on the trees. Fortunately the drive up was long but uneventful. You've seen the desert and windmills on past trips, so I'm starting at 'snow-point' for this jaunt with you.

Snow on the trees!

Log trucks mean forests.

Bridges must mean Portland.

Green Chilies denote finally arriving at Charlotte's!

I was happy to finally get out of the car. Only to be put on a 'happy' train the next morning bound for a day in Seattle.

The Everett Train Station w/Char & Karen.

I love trains.

The company with cocktails (not showing).

Karen's 'not to miss' downtown Seattle band.

My first trip to the top of the Space Needle.

The view.

More view.

More cocktails.

Buggy rides. We didn't, but wanted too.

Seattle Train Station, Karen & I.

The next morning, and following mornings, saw Lobo and Luna taking Char and I for a morning walk.

The morning walk at Charlotte's Park.

Charlotte & Lobo.

Charlotte's House

We spent time eating, wrapping, working on the computers, walking dogs, and eating.

I'd also go visit Dean and Ann (Luna's 'Godparents') for coffee. It's about a 40 minute drive to their ranch.

The river that runs along their property.

Baby, Luna's Brother & Lindsey, a Granddaughter.

Back again to Charlotte's. I was all over the place and so will these pictures be!

The Tree at Charlotte's with Luna & I.

Christmas Morning with Karen & dogs.

Charlotte and her daughter, Karen.

The Holiday Dog & Charlotte.

Luna's favorite hot spot.

We spent Christmas morning opening presents. Karen got rocks.

Really. Rocks. Heart shaped. From Charlotte.

They truley are wonderful. And we can't seem to keep our hands off of them. They seem to like to be petted. Fondled. Stroked. Plus we like saying that Karen got rocks for Xmas. Hehhehhe.

Sometimes team work was required.

"Rocks. Karen got Rocks. What's next?"

Charlotte gets something warm!

No animals or rocks were hurt in the making of the above coat. JFYI.

We all got great slippers.

Rose and Cashemere Gloves


Then, over to Dean and Anne's again. This time, Luna and Baby get to go outside and play for awhile!

The 'Running' starts.

Baby, Luna's Brother.

More running.

More and more running.

The funning only stops when we put them inside. Then, back to Charlotte's and then Karen and Mike's for dinner.

While the pic is out of focus, the dinner was not.

The following day......back to Dean and Ann's. With SNOW!!!

And more snow!

The driving...not so fun.

The River in Snow!

The Front Gate of Dean and Ann's in SNOW!

More river snow.

The Redwood Tree in snow.

And, you guessed it, the Farm House, in snow.

Dean, Post Office, Granite Falls, Snow.

I spent the night at Dean and Ann's. We always have fun. And wine. This time with snow. The next morning, with coffee, was blue.

Coyote and snow.

Geese and snow.

Lindsey & Dean

Lindsey & her Dad, Charles. (No snow.)

The Eagle and the Eagle Tree.

So, so far, that's my holiday time. BION, I'll post MORE pictures, maybe with SNOW!, later.

I had a great time and am sooooooo happy to be home safe.


Blogger Linda and Denny said...

Isn't it nice to be able to enjoy the snow and then leave it all behind?

Great pix, which made it quite obvious that you and Luna had a wonderful time with your friends.

Welcome home.

3:48 AM  

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