Saturday, April 19, 2008

Did We Forget? China Is A Communist Country!

Here's a blog relating to how China is harassing the non-China media and restricting entry to the country.

Mood turns ugly in Beijing - World Blog -

IMHO, Bob Griswold, Walla Walla, Washington, says it all, "Is any of this a surprise? Remember Tienanmen Square? Remember the rape of Tibet and the ongoing brutal occupation of that peaceful country? Just because greedy business people in Western countries may make money by dealing with China, doesn't change the reality that China is a brutal dictatorship that deserves the privilege of hosting the Olympics about as much as Myanmar and North Korea would."

I have been protesting ALL THINGS CHINESE buy NOT buying anything made in China, and am now also NOT buying products made by the sponsors of the 2008 Olympics.

U.S. sponsors are:
Eastman Kodak
General Electric
Johnson & Johnson
Microsoft Inc.
United Parcel Service

Most of these 2008 Olympic sponsors have products that I can easily find a substitute for; my only voice in this is my dollar. So I'm doing my best NOT to support the Chinese government until Tibet is free. At this point, just saying that the violence has to stop is ridiculous. China must give up Tibet.



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