Saturday, August 09, 2008

Summer Road Trip 2008

Luna and I hit the road again recently. Most all of my trips out of town start out looking like this:

Since Las Vegas is surrounded by mountains, we usually have to drive through cooled lava beds at some point on the trip.

Our first evenings destination is at altitude by way of the lowlands.

A drive by Mono very windy weather.

And then the first alpine lake gathers up in a big hello for us.

The recent far away looking mountains are now under our wheels.

Sunscreen for all and climbing gear for some are in order.

Streams flow past.

Tenaya Lake shimmers in the sun.

Half Dome is but a glimpse away.

Lovely streams abound and trickle.

Tall pines gaze at their reflections.

The Camping Boss makes her presence felt by all walking by.

The BEAR Box is as far away from my tent as I can get it.

Tent FAR AWAY from BEAR Box.

And later in the evening at said BEAR Box, it's tightness of closure is tested by a BEAR jumping up and down on it. "WOOMPAAA WOOMPAA WOOMMMPPAAA," it howled.

And Luna. Well, Luna is NOT a BEAR dog. She didn't wake all. Even when I shook her to "WAKE UP THERE IS A BEAR!" "ahhahhhahhha, but I'm sleeping MOM," she said. She'll tell me if there is a chipmunk on a tree stump, but....BEAR(S)......HA! NOT a PEEP out of her.

Luna NOT looking for BEARS.

And again, Luna NOT looking for BEARS.

This NOT looking for BEARS is tiring.

Especially the next morning, after being shaken awake a dozen times the previous evening concerning the BEAR(S) in the camp.


This is not our first experience with the BEAR(S) in Yosemite. Oh NO. See the "Bear Poop, No Knitting" post from 2005. We even had another international couple share our space this time out again. Last time they were from Germany, this time around from Italy. Very nice. And they were very close to the BEAR Box sleeping in their truck. Nice deflection, yes?

The BEAR POOP, it IS over by the BEAR Box, but WTF? Luna......NOT a BEAR detecting dog. At all. And even tired about it!!!

Yosemite was beautiful. And even with the BEAR(S), I will again go camping a heart beat!! White Wolf Campground allows dogs, is always full of people everywhere, and is very nice. Next time though, I'm setting up tin cans on strings in some camp spots as an alarm. Maybe THAT noise will wake up my 'NOT a BEAR DOG' dog.

John Muir describes Yosemite's soul many time over, more eloquently than I can even think or breathe about it. Here is the link is to his "The Yosemite" book and exhibit at the Sierra Club site.

Desert to Yosemite Slideshow:

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.
--John Muir

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Blogger Linda and Denny said...

We WILL make it to Yosemite eventually but camping with bears? Nah! Favorite scenic pic? Reflective trees. Favorite animal shot? Luna with her paw over her nose.

I'm enjoying the picture blog concept.

3:46 AM  

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