Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Somewhat back from Computer HELLLLLLLL

Well, I've been working on reinstalling and updating my beloved laptop. Sadly, I think I'm going to have to get a new computer. Sigh. Then tooooo much time away from knitting to install all old stuff. Sigh.

BUT, I did do some STASH ENHANCEMENT this past weekend at Gail's Knits. Sigh. Way toooo much beautiful stuff. And I'll post photos later when THAT gets easier. Right now, I have to put them on my earthlink site then copy to here. Sigh.

I know my site says it's about knitting, meditation and all things herbal. I just got back from Colorado where I gathered up some Osho for the upcoming cold and flu season. Beautiful weather. I'm considering moving to Taos or Santa Fe. Visited La Luna Wools while in Taos. Wow, what a fabulous store. Very different than Gails. Love both stores.

Leaving for the American Herbalist Guild's annual conference in New Hamshire tommorrow. As a desert person, it will be exciting to see the changing colors of the leaves. Hate leaving Luna for days, but have work to do!! Of course, today, I'm trying to figure out what knitting to take . Plane ride knitting. Hummmmmm...not to big.


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