Saturday, March 18, 2006

Cowboys meet Sphinx

Tim, Colton, Jase & Jim

These gentlemen have kept me busy with all things Las Vegas for the past week. Jim is the other half of 'Helen & Jim' that own the ranch in Colorado that I visit a couple times of year. Tim is Jim's son, and Colton and Jase are Jim's grandsons. Jase is Tim's son. Got that?

I sometimes forget how fun the 'Vegas' part of Las Vegas can be. Especially thru the eyes of the not-quite-young-men yet. Motion rides? We did almost all of them, or at least those that were open when we were there. IMax movies? Seemingly almost walking on the moon in 3D we were in one of them. The Luxor has more fun stuff to look at than you can see in two days. Every statue in Egypt is there, replicated in almost true height. Every temple facade stands as an entrance to something -- restaurant, ride or shop. There were drive-um-fast race cars in the video arcade along side 12 million video shoot-em-up games. Never a dull moment.

We took in the Cirque Du Soleil "O" show one evening and in doing so, we wandered the Bellagio hotel and casino pre-show time. The current display in the Conservatory is breathtaking!! Huge poppies, giant swans, frogs and snails made from flowers, a green moss-dripping forest. Love the Conservatory no matter what the Bellagio displays; it always a modern work of art in flowers.

30 ft. Poppy At Bellagio

Jase & Colton

Glass Flowers At Bellagio

The Cirque Du Soleil "O" show is the best show in Las Vegas I believe. It's really indescribable. You just have to see it for yourself. It is truly worth the price you pay. The reason it's called "O" is that is the sound that escapes from you mouth the moment you hear the price of the tickets. (just kidding.) The boys were on the edge of their seats for most of the show, agape at mouth. It's an amazing show.

There were a number of other stops over the days...New York, New York Hotel & Casino, the Caesars Forum Shops......

Moving Statues At Caesars Forum Shops

Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay was a beautiful aquarium.

Lion Fish At Shark Reef Mandalay Bay

Underwater Tunnel At Mandalay Bay

The size of the sharks was incredible!! Definitely different than your typical 'Las Vegas Shark' ---- hehehhee. The 'petting' pool was big fun too. Little rays, horned sharks and horse-shoe crabs to play with. And yes I did...touched them all. I sooooo miss swimming and working with the rays in Grand Cayman. The trip thru the aquarium was like a little bit of a return to the sea for me.

White Tip At Shark Reef

On their last night, we all went to Hugo's Cellar for dinner. Casual gourmet. I had a blast sharing the experience of 'which fork do I use' with these soon-to-be-dining-with-the-President-of-the-United-States young men. I know when that opportunity arises someday, they'll be ready!!

Everything about me was sad to see them go except for my feet. And knees. 90% of the floors we were on were marble or cement. Requiring shoes with thick soles. Which I did not wear. There you go, forwarded for your next trip to Vegas.

I always love hanging around and talking to Jim about anything, so it was nice to have him on my home turf for a change. There was occasionally talking between running for events. I hadn't met Tim before; he and his family parts live in Texas. It's fun to meet 'whole' can often see where it is sooooo true that the 'apple doesn't fall far from the tree' as it were. Texans still call you 'mam and will always open your doors...move your chairs....make you walk in front. If you're a 'lady' they treat you like a lady. They are always still gentlemen when so many of the world's men are not. I sure hope Texas doesn't change and Texans hold on to their heritage. I have a friend in Vernon that I'm going to make sure Tim catches up with. Two peas in a pod those two.

It was a fun time with this crew. I look forward to their return. We STILL have more video arcades to try and keep the kids out of, more traffic to endure, more 'sexy' Vegas signs to avoid, and TONS more fun to have on the next trip with things we just didn't have time to get to on this trip. Plus, I always think of the Grand Canyon as part of Las Vegas. It's only four hours away you know. I'm thinking a camping trip to the canyon is in order on the next trip. Sound right? That's Vegas baby.

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