Friday, February 17, 2006

I Am Bobsledding

You Are Bobsledding

You're not a world class athlete, but you are a world class maniac.
Your need for speed could have you blazing past the finish line!
Well, who would have thought? Me, dressing in tight clothes like a second skin, laying down and heading into the vast slippery slopes of the KNOWN, feet first!!! In the cold. Without Luna. And then having to endure helmet hair at the end? Hmmmmm, not quite sure THAT is right.

But I have been known to jump into the deep without a care. Maybe I should be in the Summer Olympics instead of the Winter Olympics. If the water is frozen, I just want a warm drink. If it's liquid, I want to be in it or on it. Sounds like a Summer Sport to me.

Ike Update: Well, he's doing great!! Still on his walker, but out and about!!! Doing great!! He's even going to watch Luna Perfect Puppy Dog for a few days next week while I am busy doing some other things. He is such a great neighbor and I'm so glad he's doing so well!! We are all blessed.

Knitting: Yes, STILL on Clapotis II. But, I'm thinking, I might be done next week!!! We'll see. We've been VERY cold the last few days. I've had to do lots of outside work around the house and lots of inside work on the computer. Lots of work all around I guess. Good when the weather is NOT 70*. I get 'sailing' feet when the weather is in THAT range. So, here comes Spring.....70* and 90 mph winds. Then it is Russian roulette trying to pick sailing days. But like fishing, any day sailing is better than a day a work. Hehehhhhehhe. Hopefully March will bring nice weather days without toooo much wind. Hate that.

I'm thinking I'm losing my Blog Brain. I just haven't had the mind to write lately. Must be Spring Fever. Our summer hits in April so we're a few months ahead of everybody. Spring must be in February here. My brain is soooooo not into writing. See, most of the post is just boring. Boring!!! And to alleviate some of that, if possible, you know I will throw in a picture of Luna or something very Star Wars.

Star Wars Wins today! Not that I don't love Luna......

Star Wars R2-Potato Mr. Potato Head

Build your own Mr. Potato Head Star Wars droid with R2-Potato! Includes numerous interchangeable parts so there's all kinds of mix 'n match Mr. Potato Head fun with this wacky spud. Also includes a bonus "Princess Tater" mini-figure based on Princess Leia.

This would go sooooooooo fine with my Princess Leia Burger King Watch. Sigh.

Simply Recipe's "Bittersweet Chocolate Cake"

"I drive way too fast to worry about cholesterol."


Blogger Heather said...

I MUST have the R2D2. He will be friends with my Darth Tater!

9:27 AM  

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