Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Pin In The Grenade

I just spent 30 minutes writing about why I don't write/blog much anymore, sharing about NOT sharing really personal things that are raising their ugly head from my childhood concerning the abhorrent things that adults do. This turning 50 soon and all the life reviewing is making me crazy. The past, the future, the present. Ugh. Only then to have Blogger delete the writing when I asked it to spell check it. I just hate that. Sigh.

Blogger on a least 3 occasions in the past has deleted some important personal writing that I was then unable to keyboard again. I have to be careful around computers when I have a high energy level due to emotions. Sounds strange but true. More often than not, the computer will not work correctly and the software will go AWOL if I am angry for any reason. Any intense emotion while writing usually causes something to fault. So, I guess I'll just leave what's going on with me to another day.

I was also writing about a few things concerning the Middle East events and how I believe, feel and think we are on the path of WWIII. Sorry lot of humans we are.

Here is a most likely scenario -- Mr. Pitt's article can be read in its entirely by just clicking on the link.

The Pin in the Grenade
By William Rivers Pitt

......."If conflict between Israel and Syria breaks out, the fighting will in all likelihood not stay between them alone. Syria and Iran signed a mutual defense pact not so long ago, which means fighting one could be tantamount to fighting both. While Israel's military capabilities are undeniably substantial, a war against Syria or Iran, or both, would be no simple task.

Beyond the dangers involved in such a clash lies the potential for a widened conflict that draws the United States in. Iran's batteries of Sunburn missiles, if unleashed from their mountainous shoreline overlooking the Persian Gulf, could attack heavy American warships patrolling those waters. The Sunburn has the capability of defeating Aegis radar systems, so damage to the American fleet could be severe. Iran likewise has the ability to, overnight, bring their fight against Israel to the American soldiers in Iraq; Iran's Shiite allies all across Iraq can introduce a whole new front in that struggle.

There are also economic ramifications to consider. If Iran is attacked, or if their government chooses to squeeze the Western world, they could decide to turn off the petroleum spigot. Gas prices in America climbed again through the middle of July, but a disruption of petroleum distribution on this level would send those prices skyrocketing and badly shake the global economy.

Syria, if pressed into a corner by Israel's effective attacks, could choose to break the seal on the final and most dangerous option: their stockpile of chemical weaponry. If gas bombs are used against Israeli troops, and explode within Israel's borders, the situation will spiral completely out of control. Israel would erupt in rage and visit a terrible retribution on both Syria and Iran."........

Think things are bad without A/C? How about no gas ....leading to no food?

P.S. I have been knitting.

Simply Recipe's "Cream of Spinach Soup"

"The most likely way for the world to be destroyed, most experts agree, is by accident. That's where we come in; we're computer professionals. We cause accidents."--Nathaniel Borenstein


Blogger Linda and Denny said...

Did you try the "retrieve your last post" button? That worked for me when Patches jumped up and stomped on a button that made my half-way done post disappear.

And Kim, 50 ain't the end of the world; Denny and I are living proof. Look at where you are and what you have; a roof over your head, a cool sailboat and a beautiful dog. Life is good. I won't try to tell you to let go of those ugly childhood incidences because I know from experience that that isn't possible, but attempt to lay them to rest by acknowledging that the events shaped you, but didn't break you. E-hugs.

5:54 AM  
Blogger Soulknitting said...

Hi Linda!!

Yep, only part of the post came back. Oh well.

I'm actually not at all upset with turning 50. I think it is a 'freeing' age mostly. I just keep getting stuck with certain shoulds, haven't, and not there yets.

And yea, I for the most part have let go of old things, but that doesn't mean they don't still show up at the mind-party's every once in a while. Thanks for the eHUgs. How cute is THAT? I just love that.

3:02 PM  
Blogger Roxanna said...

I am totally with you when it comes to posting when emotions are high... that is always when Adrianna doesn't realize what I'm doing and closes it, or I accidentally hit the back button on my mouse, or my computer freezes.

The wonders of technology, eh?

I hope that you and Luna are well... and don't let the troubles of the world weigh too heavily upon you. There's only so many things you can worry about at once, and if you take all of your worries combined with the world's, it's just a mess of shoulder tension and much furrowing of the brow.

Missing you and Luna,


p.s. Have you seen my photography blog? There is a link to it on my main blog. It's quite splendiferous in my opinion, so I hope you enjoy it. :)

9:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Try this to avoid future accidental deletions: Write your post first in a word processing program. (Microsoft Word, Wordperfect, etc.) Save the document as you go. Then, spell check it and save it one more time. Only then, cut and paste your writing to the blog form. In this way, you can save your writing to your computer, and you can easily recover it if the blog form accidentally deletes it.

Turning 50 ? Congratulations. It beats the alternative . . . ;-)

May you have many happy birthdays, now and in the future.

And as for those memories and doubts from the past, they are simply hungry ghosts. Pray for them, but do not feed them, and they will go to their rest.

Be well.

-- John

5:53 AM  

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