Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dolphin Slaughter

Over the past two nights, my local PBS station broadcast both "Roger Payne: A Life Among Whales" and "Journey to Planet Earth : The State of the Ocean's Animals".

Let me be brutally truthful here, both of these programs are the most disturbing and heart-wrenching productions concerning humans misuse and mismanagement of the world's oceans I have ever seen.

And they are productions that every adult should see, though not young children. (I am undecided on the age of children watching these...maybe they should be over 12?) Just think, today -- just today, over 1200 whales and dolphins were killed. 35,000+ killed annually. Just how many is that while I sit here typing and you sit there reading? And for what?

The below video is not for the faint of heart. It is extremely bloody and shows dolphins being left to die by suffocating to death, and/or being stabbed in the heart by a machete and left to wither in a most painful death. All this goes on as Japanese men and school children stand by and watch. If the dolphins were dogs or cats, imagine the uproar.

Matt Damon Narrates "Journey to Planet Earth"
The Truth About Dolphin Captivity

Please, just pick one of these organizations or find your own source of information to become better informed about the state of our oceans and its living beings. Pick one, donate and make a change.

You do have an opportunity to help save our oceans. While we are currently eating the last 10% of the ocean food stocks (go look it up yourself), we might still have an opportunity to turn a few things around. I'm thinking stopping the slaughter of dolphins might be one of them.

Sea Shepherd - The objectives of the Sea Shepherd vessels are to enforce international conservation law against illegal Japanese whaling operations in accordance with the principles established by the United Nations World Charter for Nature.

Sea Shepherd "Email a Protest Letter"
Sea Shepherd "Petition to Stop Dolphin Slaughter"
Sea Shepherd "Message from the Dalai Lama"

Blue Voice
Blue Voice "YouTube Videos"

Greenpeace "Defend the Whales"

Ocean Alliance with Roger Payne who brought "The Voyage of the Odyssey" to PBS

At least 5 dolphins and a few whales died during this post. Sick. Just sick. 35,000 a year. When does it stop?

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