Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Canyon de Chelly

Went to Canyon de Chelly, AZ last week with Helen and two students of hers from San Luis, CO. WOW. What a beautiful place! I loved the Canyon, the Dine' (Navajos) and the "Thunderbird Lodge" where we stayed.

Luna liked it too. So nice to find nice lodgings that allow dogs. While she wasn't allowed on any trails into the canyon, she was allowed on any of the rim walks. The weather was beautiful and perfect for being outdoors. I must remember to bring a picnic for a 'rim' lunch next time.

We hiked the "White House Trail." Not a long hike but very steep going into the canyon. Incredibly fabulous!

If you go, consider taking some clothes and/or shoes to donate to the Navajo Nations people. There are drop boxes in Chinle, AZ. They are a kind and proud group. I so enjoyed everyone I met. Go visit this Canyon and peoples. I loved this place.

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::Update November 16, 2007::

Jay River from "ecurtisonfilm" sent me a link to a great little clip on YouTube concerning Canyon de Chelly. Looks like I'll have to see if my library has the full on DVD. Thanks Jay!

...Wait until my blog music ends then play the video to hear the sound clip. Come on...you needed a meditative break anyway.

::End Update::

Knitting News: STILL working on the sock. Knitted from the toe up, did a terrible short row heel, ripped back to my life line and screwed it up. Sigh.

But 'Sage' is about three quarters done. WOOT!!

Simply Recipes' "Creme of Mushroom Soup"

"The World is not something to look at, it is something to be in."
-- Mark Rudman

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Blogger Linda and Denny said...

We keep saying we're going to stop at the Canyon but are on a time line to return to Ohio when we're traveling that far north in AZ. Have to stop!

Loved the slide show--done in Picasa?

4:24 AM  
Blogger Jay River said...

For some detailed history on Canyon De Chelly, this film clip will give you some information. This clip is an excerpt from Edward S. Curtis's observations of CdC in 1911. It's part of a much larger film.
Canyon De Chelly:
Link:Film Clip

4:41 PM  

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