Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Yes, Virginia, There Is Government Control Of Our Media

White House 'eviscerated' Center for Disease Control Climate Testimony

Oh yea, like the information the we, the masses, get is NOT controlled by our Government. Right.

The Director for the CDC's report was cut from 14 pages to 4 for Senate testimony.

Dr. Julie Gerberding, director of the Atlanta-based CDC, the government's premier disease-monitoring agency, told a Senate hearing that climate change "is anticipated to have a broad range of impacts on the health of Americans."

...“It appears the White House has denied a congressional committee access to scientific information about health and global warming, McCally said in a statement Wednesday. "This misuse of science and abuse of the legislative process is deplorable.”

Most notably, he noted, was removal of the statement that “CDC considers climate change a serious public health concern.”

Wow. We, as a nation, really have no control over our own government anymore. Scary. Our tax money is wasted on things we don't know about. We are keep in the dark about most of our government's doings. 1984 is here and working.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Skippie~ My friend Kristen and I reviewed your blog site as always it is beautiful, has wonderful music and updates me as to the fun your having without me (?) you have all the fun!!!
Canyon De Chilly looks fabu as always. Keep up the great woork.
Hope to see ya soon

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