Monday, November 12, 2007

Almost Done With Rowan's "Sage"

WOOT! The side seams are seamed! My Rowan's "Sage" has been a very easy and fun knit.

And it has a very comfortable fit. I had Gail alter the pattern a little for me so there would be no waist shaping. I love that! Because I really don't have a waist. Believe me. I base the reasoning of this theory on Half & Half. So, no waist for me.

Sage has an interesting design element of raised-looking rows. The raised rows are made from a simple dropped stitch that give the clean lined top additional depth.

Dropped Stitches Up Close

The only thing I'm not thrilled is my shoulder seaming going from the neck to the shoulder. Specifically, the very edge or end of the knit. The edge won't roll under and is very stiff. I'll have to change that. This is a sleeveless knit. And the shoulder edge is at eye level so very obvious.

But thanks to Gail at Gail Knits, my first seamed top does look great. She gave me a few quick lessons on seaming and I think it's going to be a very wearable knit.

Luna Thinks Sage Is Cozy

I'll be knitting the long-sleeved version next. Same yarn, Rowan's 'Summer Tweed,' but in an oatmeal color. Perfect for winter!

Sassy Radish's "Porcini Mushroom Soup"

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
— Leonardo DaVinci

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Blogger Carson said...

That's an adorable looking dog peeking out from under your Sage

9:49 PM  

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