Saturday, November 03, 2007

Happy Birthday Luna!

There are some living things in life that are such a part of your heart and soul that they are truly ingrained in every movement of every breath you take. Their life is your life. Morning, noon and night. Asleep or awake. Their sense of being surrounds you. They bring a fullness and spirit and love....a true love that is rare and precious. It is a once in a lifetime gift. No living thing is the same as any other. Each is individually rare. Made of the world and stars of that particular time.

And if we are lucky enough to have a human, or dog, or horse, cat or landscape, some living thing that comes along and touches that part of our heart where there really are no words that need to ever be spoken, just a incredible sense of being and light, it is that which bathes us in a love almost so pure, that the depth of its love and being imprints. It imprints on to those parts of our soul that makes us whole. It is what makes us a living being. And what makes living in this universe special. Consciousness that is beyond, so beyond skin deep. Where love and fun and laughter is all that matters between the two living beings. For that is the true expression of light.
Luna is that part of me.

Luna, November 3, 2007

She is a perfect dog in every way. Smart, funny, kind and loving. Always welcome where ever we go. People always say hello to Luna first...then me. (I try not to take it personally. Hehhehhe.) My friends brag about my dog. How telling is that? What she does with people and animals. Her singing when she first sees someone she likes. Oh, the singing!

She loves her boat naps in the first light of morning.

Luna has a great Mother. Queenie is also kind and smart. And currently working as a DEA dog at the Seattle Airport.

Luna Has Queenie's Eyes

Of course, Luna's Father, Fred The Magnificent, was also a very grand dog. She has all of his signing talents, right down to his flapping lips on the final 'whhhhoooooooooo' that she issues upon a sighting of a favorite human being. Additionally, Fred taught her well in the special techniques used to train humans to hand over the dog cookies.

Fred The Magnificent

Born November 3, 2001, makes Luna six years old today! I named her Luna for the fabulous pink crescent moon she had on her nose as a puppy.

Tiny Luna, Five 1/2 weeks old.

And Happy Birthday to Baby, Luna's Brother, too!!

Luna's Grandparent's, Dean and Ann, started with this fabulous line of dogs in the 70's. And all have been gems.

Dean and Luna, December 2001

Just A Little Blue Eye Left, December 2001

I brought her home on a plane ride from Dean and Ann's Granite Falls Thoroughbred Farm in Granite Falls, Washington. She's been a traveling fool since then. Cars, boats, jet skies, carts, trams, she loves them all.

Her traveling ways all started with short rides to the front gates of Dean and Ann's farm. I'd shove her in my jacket for the bumpy one-mile ride from the house to the gate in the cold of the evening. A week later she was ready for a plane ride home. And today, rides anything that moves.

Luna and Kim, December 16, 2001

Luna was and still is a go everywhere dog. With me. I am blessed.

So blessed. She picked me. She just sat down at my foot and put her little head on my boot. And that was it. She had found her human and I had found my dog.

Really, I found my heart. How else could I try to explain it? Light of my life.

Happy Birthday Luna Azure.


Anonymous chris said...

Okay, you almost broke my heart at this description of your love for Luna and hers for you. Who's the writer??? I stand in awe...

7:09 PM  
Blogger Soulknitting said...

Hi Chris, I wrote every word of that post. Glad my love for Luna came through.

6:14 AM  

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