Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Sky Tram

Haven't you always wanted to fly among the tree tops? Kind of like Harry Potter? Well you can at the 'Trees of Mystery.' And you can take your dog!!!

The Brotherhood tree reminds us to keep our feet on the ground while letting the better parts of our soul fly.

Lewis is just not sure if he wants to fly.

Karen and Charlotte are happy riders....Lobo not so much.

Luna and I have done this before. It's always a favorite part of our trip.

Karen and Charlotte

Some of the view.

Coastal fog floats among the trees.

The Top.

Me and Luna

Mandy and Marianne

Mike and Lewis

Charlotte and Lobo

Pretty Eyes.

The ride down was not so traumatic for Lewis.

Away from the top of the mountain.

She already wants to go back.

Lewis is just happy for a grounded couch.

If you visit the Trees of Mystery, you can make that trail walk in a short time or take a few hours and do the trail and the Sky Ride. But don't just pass it up because Paul and the Ox are out in the parking lot talking and you think it's hokey. It's a great place. While there are Redwood trails everywhere in this area, many are not good for people that have issues walking. Additionally, NONE of the trails in the Redwood forest allow dogs on them. This is one of the few places that is easy, comfortable and dog friendly for everybody. Plus there is homemade ice cream and fudge in the gift shop when you're done. YUM!

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