Monday, April 04, 2005

Mr. Bill Really Missed Sponge Bob Over at Wendy's

Mr. Bill & Wendy's Sponge Bob Posted by Hello

Well, Mr. Bill crawled out from the yarn stash to hug Sponge Bob from over at Wendy's place. My loud exclamation, "SPONGE BOB!" as I spit coffee all over my computer screen (again) had Mr. Bill temporally delaying his morning ritual of fondling every damn piece of yarn to wander over for a look-see. Can't you just see the delighted yet perverted gleam in his eyes?

I love Mr. Bill. His lustful affair with Jeanne Kilpatrick (past UN head, a thousand years ago) has left him -- to this day -- slighty unsettled. Yarn fondling is one of his many (and understandable) little eccentricities that keeps him from going over the EDGE.

Years ago, at 32 yrs old, I had a bout with cancer. Long story short, I ended up at an out of state hospital for major surgery. The day before surgery, my Mom and I were killing time at a mall and came across a HUGE pile of Mr. Bill's. Having always been a huge Opus and Mr. Bill fan, one ended up following us to the hospital for my stay.

One end of the cancer ward was adult while the other end was children. When I could finally walk the hallways, I would take Mr. Bill down to visit the small little bodies with big eyes. Mr. Bill would always bring a smile to their faces. Sometimes, little ones would spend 15 minutes walking down the hall (which would take a healthy kid 3 minutes) to my room just to see Mr. Bill. He was a bright spot in our days of battling monsters at a cellular level.

Even today, the thought of the children's cancer ward at that hospital will bring a tear to my eye. And so will the thought of the nurses and doctors that worked so hard to make us comfortable and well.

And so, on this Monday, here's to Sponge Bob and Mr. Bill. May you find your delight where you can.


Blogger Christina said...

Hey there! Just popped over to see Luna after the nice comment you left on my blog.

3:43 PM  

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