Friday, July 22, 2005

Luna's Travels

I spent a couple of days this past week with Luna's 'Godparents' who live in Granite Falls, WA. It's about 20 minutes from where Charlotte lives in Snohomish. Dean and Ann have a thoroughbred farm with about 80 horses that they breed and race. Dean's a Vetanarian too. Below is one of the horse pastures in the early morning fog from last Wednesday.

Pasture at 5:30am

Baby outweighs Luna by about 30 lbs. They have WAY tooooo much fun running and playing with each other on those long stretch of ground.

Baby (Luna's Brother) & Luna

This Cedar Tree is just magical I think. Moss-covered and strong, dappled in sunlight. One of my favorite trees on the property. Luna heads down the hill to check on some horses.

Luna & Cedar Tree

Leon - an outside cat

Susan, her husband Jim and their daughters Adrianna and Natalie spend a lot of time at the farm where Adrianna has a horse, Jack. Plus, as you can see, Dean is too much fun.

Susan, Dean and Me

Natalie, Adrianna and I walked out into one of the pastures to play with the horses. They love to circle you and play with the pockets on your jeans. The camera whirls and clicks were very interesting to them also. It's always interesting to be standing in the middle of a gaggle of horses, kind of like be surrounded by very large kids that want to be very close to you. I'm always watching my feet to make sure I don't get stepped on. Below, Adrianna had jumped up on Jack to just sit. Dean's horses are very well adapted to human 'puttering' as I call it. We can almost do anything to them and they love it. His horses on the track on well known to be better behaved than most because of the treatment they get as they grow up. Lots of human contact throughout the day with ill-behavior not tolerated.

Adrianna & Horses

Susan & Jack

I've pretty much kept Luna on a leash during visits here until now. She's finally at an age where with her weekly training and work, she is trustworthy 95% of the time to follow commands as given. And she has been so socialized with people and animals that she can 'hang' out and just be curious and kind. Since I took her home at six weeks old from the farm, horses aren't something she is really used to. Even though in the past few years she has gotten lots of exposure between Helen and Jim's ranch in San Luis, CO and the horse farm here, this is the first time I've let her off leash around the horses. She behaved very well and went nose to nose. Fortunately, the horses are very used to dogs. But, she could still get bitten or kicked so I'm always on guard. She sure seems to love all animals though. I've still never seen her get mean and growl at any other animal or try to bite them. Now the 'kissing' thing is different.

Luna Nose Kissing

Ann has flowers growing in baskets hanging off all the trees on the drive in along the river. And here at the Gathering Tree where we drink cool drinks, wine and tell good lies stories.

Vicki, Ann, Adrianna, Natalie & Jim

And then back home to Charlotte's house.

Luna & Lobo on Charlotte's Deck

Lastly, I'll apologize for not getting back to you lovelies who have been leaving comments and email. My Bestest Friend Charlotte is just a Redheaded Slave Driver in disguise and I also have a very slow cellar internet connection. So my computer time has gone to unpacking, shopping for house stuff, and drinking wine. I'm sure that you'll understand that while I have been to TWO yarn shops, I don't even have time to tell you about that yet. Charlotte's son, Kevin and his girl-friend Carol are now here from Vegas so we're off to the main street on Snohomish again to play. Hugs.


Blogger Heather said...

Hi Kim :)

Can you email me at Responding to blogger comments sucks and I don't have your email address.


9:13 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

Looks like you had a good time, and got out of the really bad heat.

Stay cool!


1:29 PM  
Anonymous Becky said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit! Luna looks content as well! I'll look forward to more pics and posts! : ) Stay cool!

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Esther said...

Oh these pictures are great - the horses are beautiful - what a wonderful trip!! Luna looks happy and content :-)

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

Hey Cutie: So glad you are enjoying the best of the northwest. Why don't y'all just move here!!!
Big Hugs

1:18 PM  

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