Monday, July 04, 2005

Africa in Las Vegas

I know, I know, you think because I live in Las Vegas that I play the slots and see Vegas' shows every week and especially on holidays. Wrongo my lovely!! We visit dead stuffed animals and try to find Arctic style air-conditioning.

Bass Pro Shops = Acres of Stuffed Animals

Lion Chasing Food

All Together Now.. & Inside Fishing

Mr. G &"I'm going to lick you Ken..."

"I think I'm going to be licked....."

Kim's Worst Nightmare While Camping

Fighting in line at the buffet & Real Moon Jellies with a Mermaid

Nevada Big Horn Sheep & Cougar

Life in Real Life & Ken with Lion

Ken and Kim Still Life I

Kim and Ken Still Life II

Got some knitting in too. Show you that tomorrow.


Anonymous becky said...

OH! This was a GREAT post! Looks like you guys had fun! The FBS is looking great!

12:40 PM  

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