Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Your OWN Emergency Plans

Here are some links to start building your own Emergency Preparedness Plans:

READY.gov - '"Get a Kit," "Make a Plan," and "Be Informed," are topic headings.

FEMA: "Are You Ready?" Guide. Warning: After you go to this page, the link to the Guide is a LARGE download. It's a 204 page, 21 mb pdf download. You may need to start it and then leave your computer download it for about 10 minutes.

Emergency Financial Planning (EFFAK) Lists: http://www.ready.gov/eefak.pdf. EXCELLENT whether for an emergency or not!

FlyLady's 11 Points to Preparedness for Evacuation List.

Las Vegas is subject to flooding, electrical black-outs, water-stoppage, gas shortages/stoppages, and biological and nuclear attacks. I need a home-bound one-week plan, a local evacuation plan, a state evacuation plan and a house fire evacuation plan.

As a single adult with no family within 700 miles, I need to be prepared for myself and my neighbors in the event of an emergency. And those that I would count on far away from Las Vegas should know what I would do if there are no communications. Or, if I were to die, where my financial records and last requests are. They have no clue and only one of them knows my Attorney by name. While I have a some of my legal matters in hand, there are many, many ends left untied. Guess I'd better get a written, saved, printed out and shared plan going.


Blogger Nancy said...

It's a scary thing, preparing for disaster. But in the long run, you'll feel better about having done it.

Take care!

8:04 PM  
Anonymous Esther said...

Those are great links - lots of good information - thanks for sharing.

The FBS is looking good!

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

Get planning cutie. We live in an earthquake area and have a plan in place including emergency supplies etc. in our apartment and both cars. We would not be able to use a shelter because they don't take pets so we have to be self-sufficient for at least three days. Family outside of British Columbia have all our legal info etc. I am also a member of the local "Emergency Social Services" team in the area so will be able to help others after I know that all my loved ones are safe. Being prepared for anything diaster is a good thing. Big hugs.

12:49 PM  

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