Thursday, September 01, 2005

Updated Katrina Relief List

The Federal Emergency Management Agency lists these organizations for those seeking to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina:

Donate cash:
American Red Cross(800) HELP NOW (435-7669) English;(800) 257-7575 Spanish
America's Second Harvest (800) 344-8070

To donate cash or volunteer:
Adventist Community Services (800) 381-7171
Catholic Charities, USA (703) 549-1390
Christian Disaster Response (941) 956-5183 or (941) 551-9554
Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (800) 848-5818
Church World Service (800) 297-1516
Convoy of Hope (417) 823-8998
Lutheran Disaster Response (800) 638-3522
Mennonite Disaster Service (717) 859-2210
Nazarene Disaster Response (888) 256-5886
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (800) 872-3283
Salvation Army (800) SAL-ARMY (725-2769)
Southern Baptist Convention-- Disaster Relief (800) 462-8657
United Methodist Committee on Relief (800) 554-8583
Unitarian Universalists (617)948-4652

Animal Relief:
Humane Society of America (888) 259-5431
Noah's Wish (530) 622-9313 or
(877) 575-0128 or (800) 746-9390

More Information:
CraigList: New Orleans Lost & Found Forum
CNN: Hurricane Victims Safe ListJosh Britton:
How You Can Help
Missing & Found: Missing and Found
More Missing & Found: New Orleans Pundit Forums
Hurricane Katrina Help Wiki


Blogger amanda said...

hey kim--you are such a sweetheart. we don't have a costco but do have a sams. however, i am not a member. i think they aren't answering the phones because they are absolutely slammed. it is pretty close to one of the big churchs that is hosting evacuees so you can imagine the chaos.

mostly what i hear local officials saying is that they need water, gatorade, ready to eat stuff like granola bars, protein bars, etc. as well as cots, toothbrushes, etc. just to keep the ermergency workers going. i dropped off a load of stuff last night after my adventures chez target.

sorry for the long rambling comment...i can't get gmail right now there is some glitch. and don't forget to let people know that in another week or two when the outpouring of donations dies down we'll still need then evacuees will be more settled or have a better idea of where they'll be, their kids will be in school (yay! they really could use some normalcy), and i think there will be a call for help with school supplies, uniforms, you name it.

10:19 AM  

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