Tuesday, August 30, 2005

There Is A NOT-A-BEAR In My House!!!

Yesterday Luna and I received this special package in the mail from Heather of Knit 1, Crochet 2. Please note the tag clearly states that this cute little black-eyed creamy-colored bundle is NOT a BEAR. See.....

I am NOT a BEAR!!!

And, since I've been camping in places with BEAR Boxes and BEAR Poop and HAVEN'T seen a BEAR, I'm thinking that Heather is being a Super Friend and just trying to educate me. You know, so that I have a few reference points -- like THIS is NOT a BEAR. Luna thinks that it should be hers because, well, it's fluffy. And she LIKES fluffy things......as long as they're not BEARS. Which, as clearly noted by Heather on Fluffy's (good on Luna for naming it) OFFICIAL tag, it is NOT. A BEAR.

Maybe we'll have to carry it with us as a non-BEAR reference on future camping trips. I could show it to other campers that I have made friends with by using my 'wine and no cork-screw' trick. Share the wisdom of my 'I am NOT a BEAR' fluffy reference item so that they too may have more non-BEAR knowledge in their camping arsenal.

As in many areas in life, sometimes you know that you-just-don't-know what something is (BEAR?) as opposed to knowing-what something is (non-BEAR). Or you know what you don't want...like a BEAR anywhere, but you don't know what you want....Vanilla or Chocolate Chip, mace or a '38, tent or a hotel room. Having a non-BEAR reference can really come in handy in these areas.

Now I do know what the other gift is and how CUTE are those? Knitting Notecards. Very cute and guaranteed to bring a smile to those that receive them somewhere down the line!

Thanks for the smiles Heather. The box of goodies warmed my heart and sure made me giggle when I saw the attached tag. Toooooo funny. NOT a BEAR. HA! BEARS!!


Anonymous Becky said...

OKay he is adorable, not as adorable as Luna, but adorable! (HI LUNA!) But I have to ask, if he's not-a-bear then what is he? GRIN

1:37 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

He is a ummm...hmmm... Not a Bear. Yea, that works. I'm SO glad it made you laugh. I was cracking up as I put it all together.

12:44 PM  

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