Friday, September 02, 2005

They Have Lost Everything....

Update: craigslist Katrina 2005: - resources for Katrina survivors and those that want to help. Huge text only website with lots of ways to help.

Update: - GREAT website with information on how to help, who to contact and where to find contact information for those missing and found.

Update: Times-Picayune Breaking News Weblog: - "People who are planning to return to Louisiana should consider getting tetanus shots first, according to the state health department."

Update: Times-Picayune Breaking News Weblog: - "Coast guard has rescued four thousand so far ST. LOUIS - More than 4,000 people have been rescued from rooftops, flooded neighborhoods and hospitals throughout the Gulf Coast region since rescue operations began Monday, and joint-agency rescue operations are continuing day and night." Is there somewhere we can support these people? How about letting them know how you feel about them? The Coast Guard has been in Rescue Mode since BEFORE the hurricane hit and has carried on in heroic measure. Here's an email address to send them thanks: The U.S. Coast Guard.

It’s 9:00 am in Las Vegas, NV and by all the news reports I’ve seen, there have been TWO food and water drop-offs to the people at the New Orleans Convention center. Remember, people were told to go to the Superdome and the Convention Center before the hurricane. Last night, I saw the FEMA Director, Mike Brown, say, “We didn’t know until today that their were people there.” I saw him say that with my own eyes!

If I know in Las Vegas, NV, before the hurricane that thousands of people in New Orleans are being evacuated to the NOCC and NOS, is this man living on a different planet with no TV? Let alone other people in management positions that are supposed to be giving him information on what the hell is going on in America? President Bush isn’t watching TV on his ranch?

At this point on Friday, I am speechless concerning the disastrous management of this hellish situation. How can we support the rest of the world and NOT support our own people? We knew a CAT 5 hurricane was going to land on the Gulf Coast 48 hours BEFORE it did. Five days later, this is where we are with the rescue? At least I know now how well FEMA and the Red Cross works. I’m still asking why people are not getting supplies when I can see helicopters dropping sandbags into the canal. I don’t see helicopters dropping water, food and medical supplies into the NO convention Center and the Superdome by Friday morning?

At this point on Friday, I am speechless concerning the disastrous management of this hellish situation. Send money and start researching where to send clothes and hygiene items into LA and TX for the refugees. Please contact the Red Cross and the Salvation Army in your area to see what they need. I’m sure items will be going out the refugees now!

Amanda at clothesknits has an update on her Baton Rouge area.


Blogger Nancy said...

They've lost everything, and will have to build again. I hope that there will be some way to get our friends and family some help and healing for their souls as well. For some of them, the shock is just moving into their conciousness, as they've moved from survival to living.

6:21 AM  
Blogger strikemyheart said...

yeah, i thought that this video was really relevant to everything that's going on right now, specifically talking about the hurricane katrina and the war in iraq, and of course everything that gets everyone riled up but never gets anyone to act. that's kinda the thing about the world today that i just don't understand... all talk and no real action.

Goth is actually a pretty intricate culture with a lot of different variations... i was looking it up recently. it's nothing that i can specifically remember, it was mostly just browsing while bored without focusing on gaining any real knowledge. The way that society and the media look at Goth today is really barely scratching the surface of what it entails though, and of course it has arisen many stereotypes and misconceptions. it's pretty sad, but what can you do.

Hurricane Katrina... where do i start? it's a serious tragedy for everyone down there living in what has become hell in a short amount of time. i can only hope that things don't get too much worse than they already are. that's just how things have always been though, hasn't it? there's always a rise and fall, rise and fall; it seems to me that just about everything is like that. Constistency is for controlled experiments, whereas the 'real world' certainly doesn't function like that. pretty much everything's got a cycle... so why haven't the rest of us gotten our act together and figured that out? if we did, then recovery wouldn't take nearly as long, especially when devastating hurricanes (and pretty much all natural disasters now that i think of it) are NOT new phenomenons.

i'll get down from my soap box now... lol.

i'll talk to you later Kim.


12:14 PM  

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