Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Clapotis Again!! And Fingerless Squares of Warmth!!

Yesterday's Free Gift from the Universe

Now that we have the 'important' stuff out of the way, I whipped up these babies last night for my 'hands of ice' since the house is averaging 67* - 72* a day. Without the heat on!!

HA!! You can laugh, but I have desert blood. Remember, 105* 'just ain't no big thang' for us desert folk. But, 70* starts to fall into the too cold for comfort as I sit at the computer in the morning. Now....hands of warmth!!

Fingerless Squares Of Warmth

Ahhhhhhh, not pretty but warm!! Soft. Warm. 18 stitches on a 7US with Lion Brand 'Homespun' acrylic. Warm!! My computer hands are now happy. And don't worry about Luna. She has a blanket that I cover her up in all the time. She likes 78* - 80*, so it's really cold for her now!! No fat, no fur, my little girl. Doggie sweater time soon.

More knitting news. I had to take a picture of my Clapotis because it's the first time I was able to wear it. I love how soft it is.

Clapotis in really-really-really bad digital color.

Clapotis In Poor Lighting
Pattern: Clapotis at
Yarn: Softwist by Berroco, Cool Red 9455 , about 7 skeins used I think
Needles: Addis, size 8

The color on this is a RUBY-Burgundy RED....I repeat a RUBY-Burgundy RED. The color has never shown up correctly on this blog. Oh well. And it probably won't for a while. There is NO sun outside. Weird.

I found Clapotis to be a wonderful pattern on which to learn a few new stitches. Also, amazingly easy to memorize for the most part. I used a life-line of dental floss a number of times throughout which, as a new knitter, really helped when I had to frog back.

The second one, currently in NON slow production is in black cotton. (NON production because HOLIDAY KNITTING is now happening -- somewhat.) And is now a traveling knit because it is FINALLY an easy knit for me!! How nice to be able to say that!! I was pulling my hair out learning on the new one. Now, it's easy. That is success!! And easy to do with the Clapotis!

I made up a Excel chart which is available at the Yahoo Groups Clapotis Knit Along under the file name ClapotisStitchNumbersFinal.xls to keep track of the stitch count 'cause I'm a stitch counting girl and have to not only mark off each row, I have to count all the stitches!! OCD, I know.

The NEXT one will be WAY bigger, in both length and width. I'll make it about 1-2 feet longer and at least a foot wider. Love working this pattern. And, so SOFT!!

Clapotis Shown In Better Color

Hey, WHEN is the next Knitty coming out???????????????????? It's almost winter already.

This is tooooooo cool: OneRedPaperClip. So far, this guy has traded a 'red paper clip' all the way up to a working generator. He's trying to work up to a house. Bet he gets its sooner or later. Amazing how humans work.

Go look at your planet: Animal Planet's 'Panda Cam.'

Simply Recipe's: "Roasted Baby Carrots"

We are alone, absolutely alone on this chance planet:
and, amid all the forms of life that surround us, not one,
excepting the dog, has made an alliance with us.
--- Maurice Maeterlinck


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The Clapotis looks lovely!!

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