Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Portland Yarn

You knew I wouldn't get out of Portland without new yarn didn't you?

Elizabeth Parseiwicz, Owner

Knit Knot Studio, 1238 NW Glisan Street, Pearl District
Portland, OR 97209 (503) 222-3818

Very nice little store with many of the usual yarns available in most other shops of the non-Joanne's/Michael's caliber. Elizabeth was fun to talk to and a fabulous knitter with many of her own designs and creations on display. I came away with some Rowan Kid Classic for a small scarf of her design and a couple of Lamb's Pride 'Worsted' for a fingerless glove attempt.


The Lamb's Pride is Purple, not blue. Lousy digital camera color. Oh well. Not everything in life has to be perfect.

Not Purple

Here's a listing of local area Portland yarn shops courtesy of Persistent Illusion. There were many yarn shops I missed as I was tooooooo busy with the American Herbalist Guild's conference. Or, too busy eating -- here.

Whole Foods, Portland

Wow, now THERE are some colorful vegetable displays. The Produce Manager didn't like me taking pictures of how pretty everything was. I have no idea why. Whole Foods stupid company policy. Like pictures of these vegetables could ever be BAD???


I have NEVER seen vegetables so organized. Almost makes you afraid to pick anything out. Let alone SMELL them. Hehhehhhhehhe. And for those of you who think I ATE lots of these veggies....WRONGO. Most every time I walked in here, I headed for the PIZZA counter. FAB pizza with spinach, tomatoes, and CHHHHEEEESSSEEE on a thin-crusted slice of heaven. And, did I mention the Creme Brulee'? Wow. Heaven. Did pick up some instant oatmeal for the room and a few pears and apples to munch between lectures. But kept coming back to Whole Foods for their pizza.

Stop wagging your finger at's the 50% of the time rule......I didn't say you had to STOP eating pizza and Creme Brulee', just not five days a week. Unless you're at conference. Stop it with the finger already!!!

:::Simply Recipe's "Golden Beet and Pomegranate Salad Recipe;"
I suggest ROASTING the beets (yummy), not boiling them (yuck).

The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose.
–Hada Bejar


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