Wednesday, October 26, 2005

What Magical SORCERESS Are You?

Circe, The Sorceress; By John William Waterhouse

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"You are a Priestess. All powerful, you rule in beauty and grace. You are always on top of things, and maybe a little too determined. But that will never stop you from succeeding! You are truly what a friend is looking for! Keep reaching your dreams and never give up!"

Oh yea, that is so totally me. NOT!! (The beauty and grace part. I am a good friend.) But one place I AM totally RULING is my FBS. Yes, the Flower Basket Shawl is now less than 5 rows and one blocking away from being DONE. DONE I tell you. Oh happy days. Then, on to HOLIDAY knitting.

Still working on what I want to knit for gifts. And I'm only doing two items, I don't want to make myself crazy(ier) than I already am. Still trying to decide WHAT though. Don't you just wish your friends would say, "I want you to knit the same thing for me, but in a different color for Xmas." Or, "that sucks, don't even THINK about knitting that for me." That way you would know what to spend the next eight weeks knitting for them while melting brain cells in front of the TV.

Luna has survived yesterday's thunder storms. Poor girl, she never used to be bothered by them. Don't know why they get her shook-up now. But she is welcome in my lap anytime; she really is a 50lb lap dog anyway. Love the desert after a rain, nothing like the smell of wet 'chaparral.'

Simply Recipe's "Apple Chutney"

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane
by those who could not hear the music"
--Angela Monet


Blogger Nancy said...

Brain does not like thunder either. Come to think of it, neither does my dear man, 'Pup.

'Course, 'Pup's got reasons. After having been IN one tornado, having another hopscotch over his head, and another pass by where he was hiding in a ditch....a person gets a little sensitive.

Me? I like thunderstorms.

5:56 PM  
Blogger Linda and Denny said...

Poor Luna. I thought of you and Luna today while taking our morning walk around the campground as we ran into a Luna look-alike, without the white chest.

8:49 AM  

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