Thursday, December 01, 2005

Circuit City 15% Off Coupon

The Rosette Nebula in Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Sulfur

Credit: T. A. Rector, B. Wolpa, M. Hanna (AURA/NOAO/NSF)
Astronomy Picture of the Day

So here you go, for you or someone you love -- Circuit City 15% Off Coupon, ends Saturday, 12/3.

A Living Round-table Of Really Boring Stuff:

(Special Note: The above picture is NOT's magical. I love the Hubble.)

Knitting: I HAVE been knitting the secret holiday things. Just a few. And since I'm a 'night-time knitter' it's taking a while. I just can't seem to knit in the daytime, even if I have time. Sigh.

Weather: It's been cold; down to 32*-30* at night. Poor Luna of no fur-no fat stays covered up most of the time. My hands are always cold. I wear gloves at the computer IN my own house. And upstairs, it's 71* right now. Desert blood=cold all the time.

Stuff: Working frantically on getting things done before the Great Trek North for the holidays. You didn't think I'd let Charlotte spend her first Christmas in a new land and new home without me, did you? So, my own 'home-madness' continues. Winter doings (see COLD above), financial doings, house doings, clutter-removal doings, work/make money doings. Awake? Then I am doing. Get car serviced, find paperwork, smog checks, chains, ugh.

Life: Kinda doesn't fall into that BEING part of HUMAN BEING so much. But, I have my 'heart give-a-away' for the holidays. The Any Soldier site has lots of info to send items to our soldiers; packages NEED to be mailed yesterday!!

Working: Need to update Meditation website and organize classes for 2006. Organize Herb supplies for sale, lots of paperwork and computer time here. Have a number of 'certifications' I have to update in 2006, so need to plan for those events this winter because they are expensive and usually involve travel.

Boring: See? Lots of stuff, not much interesting to even me. But, my knitting is going well. And that should make us all happy.

And.....hey!! WHEN does the WINTER KNITTY come out??? Isn't it 'WINTER' now? And...another HEY!! My little 'egg' on the side-column is supposed to HATCH today!!! So, let's get with the program!!!

Simply Recipe's "Spinach with Sesame and Garlic"

Treat the Earth well.
It was not given to you by your parents.
It was loaned to you by your children.
--Kenyan Proverb


Blogger ladylinoleum said...

I think that pic is wonderful too. Absolutely magical. But then, I am a complete sci fi fanatic. So, it makes sense.

I'm always cold too. What's up with that?

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Vicki said...

You could use a little of Dean's wood
stove right now!!! Just think of that
to keep you warm. What great stuff on
this page. So glad to hear you are
trekking north. I so love the many
scarf recipes!!!! Thanks soooo much.
I think I have to start in the new
year--along with my diet perhaps!!!
Oh Luna will love a visit to the stove
at the farm too. You sound so creatively busy. Thanks for Soldier
website--that is a great idea! Hugs to you both

10:54 PM  

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