Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Yup, the military did jam up your garage door

NBC News
Updated: 3:30 p.m. ET Dec. 2, 2005

WASHINGTON - Yes, it is those pesky low-frequency military radios that are causing thousands of garage doors across the country to open unexpectedly, or not at all.

When a nearby military radio system operates on the same frequency as the remote controls to your garage door opener, it can paralyze your remote controls and they may not work, even from a close distance.

For those affected, solutions to the problem could make for interesting holiday shopping ideas, or it may just present a costly, mind numbing dilemma.

This happened throughout the Las Vegas valley last year. Not only where garage doors jammed, closed or opened without your control, car door locks where also jammed at the same time. And considering you have an 'electronic' ignition in your car, that can be jammed also by the same technology. (It's already being done.) Interesting future.....though I have another words to describe it.

And how about those wasted hours you then spend trying to figure out what's wrong with your garage door and car locks by making phone calls to complain or maybe get it fixed? Nellis Air Force Base didn't fess up to the jamming for over a year. And then only AFTER a news station got wind of the the truth. 1000's of cars and garage doors were effected. I think it was a test to see what would happen, how people would react. What happened? People just got pissed off that stuff didn't work........nobody was concerned that the military now has some control over your movement and possessions. Martial law and/or bird-flu quarantine use for sure. Think about THAT when you need to get to the hospital.

Yes, I've been knitting, knitting and knitting. And working on house, travel and year-end stuff. NONE of it is of ANY interest, not to me even though I have to do it, and especially not to you.

Simply Recipe's "Tuna Macaroni Salad"

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