Sunday, March 26, 2006

Crone of Night

Crone of Night

How softly you walked the earth
stars hung in your nighttime hair
your laughter was rain across the plains
Grandmother whispered life’s knowings in your ear
which you shared ‘round raging sacred fire rings
with those who journeyed of the same flame

with me who loved you
while walking the green path
thru mists of death fogs and torn heart
you gave starlight and thunder to my Mother’s ashes
amidst a sacred desert land forged of heat and snow
song and moccasin foot

circled by eclipse on a full moon night
dancing to the earth and sky songs
as lunar Magick weaved across the midnight sky
years ago our blood bond was forged
when the sky clouds touched the Milky Way
and the Veil Between The Worlds parted
as the two of us jumped stars with dancing feet
sparks flying from our skirts to fall across Earth’s sky
while solar storms streamed thru our hair
the Universe was ours

gone now to Summerland
Goddess gathered your smile and flesh
to cross to fields of chocolate flowers
purple hearts and Sekhmet’s songs of love and power
you now stride tall with Lotus Staff in a soft hand
forever more standing next to us in lavender mist

Crone of Night
flute music and drums sound in your honor
we gather and dance to your Goddess song
shared and thus made stronger by the sharing
desert winds and dripping mistletoe will call your name
so that we might hear your wise words
and hold you gently to our hearts
ever and again.

In loving memory of Crone Witch Patricia
Patricia Pearlman
1933 – 2006

copyright KCC


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A wonderful piece !

Desert Eagle

5:41 AM  

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