Saturday, July 29, 2006

Not For Lack Of Trying

Ok, I'd love to give a report on the yumminess of the Cucumber Martinis. But they didn't get made. Not for lack of trying though. Along the way and two stores later, we decided to go with Vodka. I did get the Cointreau but forgot the White Cranberry Juice. Cold cucumbers were found. So it was determined a pineapple would replace the White Cranberry Juice.

Two limes were squeezed. We then BLENDED the pineapple, poured in the Vodka and Cointreau plus half a cucumber for good measure. Yuck. All I can say is stick to Ashley's recipe. Really. Ours was like a bad juiced beach drink. Yuck.

But I did get to go swimming for all of 5 minutes before the winds started blowing 70 MPH with a summer storm. NO rain. Just wind, dust and lightening. I pulled Luna in and cooled her off. Not sure if she likes the pool yet. Just not enough time to play in it last night.

We then all went inside and watched the first 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movie. That JD. Is he not the most smashing pirate? That movie is too cute. We're gearing up to see the second POTC in the theatre next week. Arrrgghhhh.

Sheri has a box of Wheaties with Captain Jack pictured. It is sitting on her window shelf above the sink. She is always telling me that Johnny is just hanging around looking cute. That girl is so funny sometimes.

Luna and Maverick had a great time playing until the movie was done. He was pretty much pooped out by then. Luna and I made it safely home with no wind or hail damage.

I have NOT given up on the Cucumber Martinis. Maybe later this weekend. I think it's time to go soak that FBS now.

Afternoon Update:

FBS Blocking


Mr. Tuttles Resting

Mr. T enjoying the cool of the patio (97*) this afternoon.

Simply Recipe's "Cucumber Yogurt Salad"

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