Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Pelosi meets Assad

Pelosi has me spitting mad!!! Can somebody please explain to me WTF the Speaker of the House is doing there? Just WHAT exactly IS Pelosi going to talk to Assad about? She appears to be just sticking her butt out in the air and telling Bush, AND the whole United States thereof, to 'kiss my ass.' This woman is an egomaniacal idiot. Lots of great pictures with NO substance. She can't actually DO anything there.

Can I also tell you how mad I am that I can't stand most of the women in our government? It just kills me, makes me want to cringe, turn red in the face, that THEY are just as bad as the men in our government. There isn't ONE I would vote for right now. Truly, there is no difference in the sexes in politics. It appears as if most everybody in our Federal Government had to pass some idiot test to get there. And the women are NOT excluded.


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