Saturday, July 21, 2007

Star Wars Harry Potter

Of course I went. There were magic shows.....

And house branding.....

And fine witches of all sorts! My hat got rave reviews. Small witches wanted to touch it. Big witches wanted pictures. Years before I was known for my Black Felt 5" Brimmed Cowboy Hat. Now I've moved on to a Black Felt 5" Brimmed Witch's Hat. Things don't change much around here do they?

Lots of fine young wizards and witches flew in.


There were many, many teenagers. More than I had imagined. Totally thrilled with all things HP. Hundreds were sitting down and listening to the short story contest winners during their readings.

This was perhaps the scariest thing. Teenagers......sitting and listening. I almost had to brace myself to continue on. It was really great fun to be surrounded by them and all their excitement concerning the Harry Potter book release. The teenagers were more fun than the little kids. Kind of gave me hope for the world. Strange isn't it?

There were loads of Muggles.

I almost didn't go. But the whole Harry Potter event reminded me so much of how exciting a 'story' can be......of how though we may not always have the huge good vs. evil events in our real's so fun to get a great story. Even more so a great book of fantasy with magic.

There was certainly a mixed excitement that permeated life and media concerning the release of the 7th and last book. A double-edged sword. Similar to how life can be everyday. We get the answer to something we want to know about. But in someway, that is the end of it. I so remember reading fairy tales when I was young. There was always good and evil, joy and pain. And much bittersweet emotion. Those stories almost seemed a testing ground for the human spirit.

The Harry Potter series is a story that many of our young people have grown up with. It's 'their' story. Much as 'The Hobbit' and 'Star Wars' was the story of my youth. To this day, those stories still color my world. They live inside of me.

Though it seemed at the time when I was done reading them or seeing them on the screen, that my heart would break to know the story had ended. But looking back, they just became a part of me in ways that I can not explain. And for this generation, that has Harry Potter as 'their' story, I'm sure and I'm also joyous, that it has been taken to heart. It's a great story. Even if all endings are bittersweet.

How fine it is to have a human heart! Bittersweet. But fabulous nevertheless.


Blogger Linda and Denny said...

*sound of applause*

Fab hat, BTW.

3:30 AM  
Blogger Roxanna said...

as soon as i got the book yesterday around 11:30, i unplugged all the phones, locked the door, and laid in bed all day reading. i finished roughly at 6:45, after greedily consuming every last word, and sadly turned the last page of the LAST book. :( it's terrible. i don't think it's quite hit me yet. i can remember being in third grade, getting the first book for christmas, and wishing fervently for a scarlet steam engine to come and whisk me away to hogwarts. i'm one of the kids that has grown up with it, always expecting another harry potter book in a couple years, so it's weird to think that it's over; no more books. but i can honestly say that i am extremely pleased with the seventh book; it totally filled all of my expectations for what it should have been, and i loved it. it's my favorite out of the series. that's why it's so bittersweet... it's exactly what i wanted, but it's the end. the finality is what kills me. i've spent years obsessing over these books, coveting and memorizing every bit of magical knowledge that could be gleaned from them; now that everything has been answered, i feel full, but so empty at the same time. i'll miss harry.

much love to you and luna.

12:39 AM  

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