Tuesday, August 21, 2007

On The Road To Oregon

::Oregon Beach Vacation Review::

Luna and I set out last week for a trip to Oregon to meet up with best friend Charlotte and the rest of the 'family.'

Sadly, once again, the Nevada desert dresses in its colors depicting lack of rain. I've lived here for over forty years and the Chaparral looked more stressed than I have ever seen it.

Our drive was heading us up I-95 towards Reno. I always love driving thru old Nevada towns.

I'm sorry I didn't have my camera out for pictures of the 'cat' houses as we journeyed north. The Cottontail Ranch has a great sign and I didn't just didn't feel like stopping.

Many, many more miles down the road, I finally arrived at a in-between destination. Lassen Volcanic National Park. While a truly beautiful place, it is NOT a drive for RV's or people afraid of drives where the edge of the road is a cliff edge with no railings.

Sulfur Pots

While driving thru, there was a huge forest fire raging in a different section.

Lots and lots of lakes here. Luna wanted to go swimming but dogs are not allowed to do that in our National Parks.


This is for Helen!

Helen's Lake

Lots of alpine flowers everywhere in bloom.

Lupine I think.

There were a number of every nice little campgrounds and day-use areas. Lots of streams running thru.

In many areas, you could really see the past volcanic rims.

There were a few strange 'mushroom' trees.

And then there was the sunset.

Spent the night in Redding, CA at the Howard Johnson's Express. Why is it that hotels that accept dogs have to be so crappy? $78.00 for really crappy. But I was so tired I just had to accept it.

Really, Luna should have a 'good dog' pass. All she does it curl up and go to sleep. Never once in all the traveling we have done has she ever done anything 'bad' in the motels we've stayed in. And the $5-$25 extra charge every time for a crappy room? Really makes me mad -- madder than usual (gg). I'm about ready to NOT declare her on future rooms.

Don't even start me on road food.

More pics tomorrow.

"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware."
--Martin Buber

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Anonymous Misslionheart said...

What beautiful photographs.

Aren't we so lucky to be able to see all this? I live in a wonderful part of Ireland where all around is open countryside. I love it and never take any of it for granted.


4:16 PM  
Blogger Linda and Denny said...

Lassen N.P. not for RVs? But, but, but...we park elsewhere and drive our tow vehicle in! Actually, our big truck can be too big and too unwieldy with its stiff suspension--we almost bounced off the edge of Pikes Peak on the washboard gravel road. Shudder.

It's a shame that a few people with poorly trained dogs (note I don't say "bad dogs") ruin the hotel experience for others. Because Luna is such a GOOD dog. BG.

3:59 AM  
Anonymous chris said...

Okay! I want to stop in at the Mina Club for a cold beer. Luna should be allowed to swim AND sleep ANYWHERE she wants!! Shame on NPS and crappy motels.

5:29 PM  

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