Saturday, October 16, 2004

Herbal Musings:: Artemisia Rants

Set up a new blog for my 'herbal' life. Blogging has helped me learn HTML in ways I never knew!! Of course, it's caused me to spend waaaayyyy tooooo much time at the computer, but my knitting blog has allowed me to learn in a kind and gentle way. Without judgment from others too much. And it's been fun learn all this.

Though the picture inserts still are very tedious as I have to post the picture file on my earthlink webpage, then link to it here in the blog or template section. Took me a while to learn that!! I'm going to try 'Hello' again when I get my computer straightened out (I'm still waiting for the inverter I ordered to fix the laptop screen and still contemplating buying a new laptop. Sigh.) But for now, this is how I get it done.

Did about four rows of knitting last night on my All Things Green shawl. Too tired after setting up the Herbal Musings blog. I'm off to the boat for a few days. See you when I get back.


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