Thursday, April 07, 2005

Real Chuck Taylors

Famous Gold Converse All-Stars Posted by Hello

Wendy is having a "How Hideous Were You in the '80s?" Contest. So, I dug out my GOLD Converse All-Stars (which will NEVER be hideous) that I wore with my GOLD LAME' TUXEDO. Yes, yes, with my (then) wild red hair!! Wow, I'm sure THAT outfit (except for my fabulous CT's being an enduring cult item) was hideous. Though I must confess people were getting on their hands and knees to my shoes.

Last time I wore these items all together? Hard Rock Cafe Opening, Las Vegas, September 1990. Aerosmith was the Grand Opening act. Very cool. This outfit did see a number of days in the 1980's. One grand drunken New Year's Eve. Way tooooo much. Wish I had pictures.

True Chuck Taylors Posted by Hello

At least I still have the shoes. And, they still come out sometimes. CT's never, ever go out of style.


Anonymous Dalsee said...

Chuck Taylors are legendary..don't ever get rid of them. I, myself am a Pro-ked fan that blue and red stripe on the side always stayed clean. I like your blog name.

3:34 PM  

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