Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Long Emergency

"What's going to happen as we start running out of cheap gas to guzzle?" asks JH Kunstler.

For a number of years now, many of my friends have thought I was ‘over the edge’ of reason when it came to my thinking on how our world would be working (or NOT working) in the future. Everything from housing to food to ‘Big Brother’ as a form of government. As in, “it WON’T be like it is now folks!” And especially concerning our everyday lifestyle, I’ve been saying, “we’re not going to be living like we do now for much longer.” So, how close is the change in your everyday lifestyle now?

This past March, Rolling Stone magazine published an article by James Howard Kunstler titled “The Long Emergency.”

I emailed it to every friend I had telling them about this article and how this ‘new’ way of life would be coming our way. Maybe not tomorrow, but within the next few years. Maybe it’s time for you to read it too. It’s along the lines of “Peak Oil” and how this fact is going to affect the rest of your life.

Read the article here: The Long Emergency - What's going to happen as we start running out of cheap gas to guzzle? By JAMES HOWARD KUNSTLER (March 24, 2005).

More recently, James Kunstler said in his August 22 blog entry

“We also have “the delusional assumption that some magical market mechanism will conjure up a menu of just-in-time replacements for the vanishing oil. These are referred to as "alternative technologies," a term that points to a more fundamental delusion now rampant among the public, namely the mistaken belief that technology and energy are the same thing, that they are interchangeable, that you can substitute one for the other. Out of oil? Get new technology.
Note to public: technology and energy are not the same things, and continuing to think that they are may place our civilization in jeopardy."

Today, The Morning News did an interview with Kunstler. Which is why he and Peak Oil came to my mind this morning. All I can say is you’d better be paying attention because I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore Toto.

And here are some Strategies for Survival-Notes on the Coming Transformation of American Life and The Urban Survival Guide.


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