Saturday, November 19, 2005

Holiday Knitting

Finally, after two tries with different yarns, started on a holiday knit that should be done in four weeks. Of course, I can't talk about any of it here. And, I'm hoping that I can get it done in that time. We'll see I guess!

I will be posting pictures of it on another blog that is a holiday knit-along. If you want to know it's name, you'll have to email me. I have very sneaky friends, not to be trusted, that I'm not sure wouldn't go peek to see what I was making them. So....HA!!!! No hints here, no sirrrreeee.

It is 69.3* at my computer desk. And my hands are like ice. I HATE that. Desert blood. Would someone tell me WHY my hands are always so damn cold in the winter time? Yes, I have those little handmugs on. No, my wrists are showing and they are cold. And my fingers are still like ICE!! Guess I'll have to make some fingerless gloves that have fingers that stop just past the 2nd knuckle, leaving just my tips to type, knit and read. And, that go WAY past my wrists. Like 6 inches. I have a long sleeve sweatshirt on and a shawl, but the sleeves are just not long enough when I'm using my hands. Freezing at 69.3*. Sad.


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