Thursday, December 08, 2005

Almost Burglarized?? Or Soon To Be?

Come On Back Asshole

Yesterday, as I'm sitting at my computer and Luna is sleeping on my bed. A delivery truck pulls up across the street, of which, I shall not name the company.

I see it, don't think much about it. It's a 'consignment' company truck, so stuff should be going in or out. Luna looks out the bedroom window, does same, ignores it. Later that evening I receive a call from a neighbor telling me she saw a young guy jump OUT of my backyard, get in the truck with two other guys, and drive off.

Now mind you, this guy had to jump over a 6-8 foot fence. I don't think he was looking to deliver roses. I'm glad I had the sliding door locked. And, I'm thankful Luna wasn't outside. I would never want my dog to get hurt or have to be taken to the pound for biting somebody. I don't know if she would have done that or not. But I'd rather NOT deal with her and problems.

Now me, 'come to momma, fucker.' To bad I wasn't out there, ready in hand with my .38. I would love to blow some numb-nuts balls off in my backyard. And, then drag him into the house of course. Dead. And if the first bullet didn't kill him, I guarantee the second bullet would.

Mind you, I would never take a first step to hurt another human -- unless they are harming somebody else, especially kids, Elders or animals. But let them take that first step towards me and I will blow their fucking head off. I am DONE with men (why is it always MEN?) that rape, pillage and steal. DONE.

I am NOT one of the nice and scared women out there. I believe anybody coming over a six foot fence into my backyard, that I don't know, means me harm. And I would just as well shoot them dead so they don't have that opportunity again. Because, they are no good now, and I'm sure, they are not going to be any good in the future.

I'm done with assholes. It's just a matter of degree on how done. My Father taught me to shoot first and ask questions later. And, I'm sticking to that plan. Fucking idiot is picking on the WRONG house to bugler. Yes. Burglary in MY house is a death sentence.

Asshole, lucky for you I have filed a Police Report and got a fabulous Detective on the phone and within 30 minutes, he contacted the store to start checking into the case. WAY TO GO Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department!! Because if he had been lackadaisical about it, my butt would have been down at the delivery dock. Taking pictures of the crew and then following them around for a while. Not smart, but it's me.

Too bad Marie (who saw the guy) didn't have her tape running on her security system across the street. We could have ID'd the guy today. But she only runs tape at night. And, I'm sure, the guys that drive the truck will deny everything, so since we don't have a tape, we're out of luck.

But at least Metro's burglary detail is on it. I love Metro. Have lots of friends on Metro. Great police department all the way around!! And if they don't 'catch' him -- at least it's on record. There was a TV report just the other night about how the northwest side of Vegas is really getting hit with robberies and burglaries lately.

While I really watch what's happening in the neighborhood, this truck and guys just didn't ring a alarm bell. Marie didn't think to call the police when she saw someone coming out of my yard and get into a truck across the street. She didn't think to call me at home. I didn't see anything as two guys were taking furniture up the driveway and that neighbor's truck was there. It was a legitimate delivery -- I did talk to those neighbors last night. If they had been taking furniture OUT of the house, I'm still not so sure since it was a 'consignment' truck, that I would have thought that to be strange. If it was a 'rental' truck, yes. A refrigerated truck, yes. But not a consignment truck -- that stuff goes both ways.

Glad Luna and I are alright. Glad I have bars all the way around the house downstairs. I'm REALLY pissed that an asshole jumped the fence to check out how easy the house would be to rob. Glad I didn't have the sliding door open as I usually do in the summer so Luna can come and go at will.

Still, I have a gun and would LOVE to shoot your ass. Come on back and give me another chance asshole. More news about women being armed and shooting assholes that trespass would be GOOD news in this city. Come to Mama, ass-wipe.

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Blogger Linda and Denny said...

I'm glad you and Luna are safe and that Luna wasn't outside to chance being labeled a vicious dog as I'm sure she would have tried to protect her yard and home.

As former law enforcement folks, we're all for protecting you and yours when you're on your own territory. Glad to hear you are taking a "pro-active" stance towards the incident instead of feeling victimized-you go girl!

3:11 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

Post a sign. With a picture of you and your gun.. or just your gun.

A friend of mine had a doberman. She placed a sign on her gate: "My doberman can make it to this fence in 2.3 seconds. How fast are you?"

She never had much trouble.

8:38 AM  
Blogger ladylinoleum said...

You go girlfriend!

Hey, next time I am in Vegas we must meet up and go for a drink or something...

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Vicki said...

Right on Sisterfriend! I am so glad
the worse possibilities didn't happen
but it sure makes one think! I think
for one thing that you and Luna together make a formidable pair--to
be reckoned with!!! This is a good
image in my mind's eye. Good to be
reminded of things like this especially this time of year when bad
guys like to take advantage of our
peace and good will...

9:01 PM  
Blogger Knitter Interrupted said...

WOw what a story/post. I'm so glad both of you are okay. (make a note, never slip into Kims back yard to surprise her unannouced!) (smirk) I'm teasing!

5:12 PM  
Blogger Kat said...

I, of course, would always knock! Not out of curiousity but self-preservation. I dare anyone to touch my dog!

5:35 AM  

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