Friday, December 30, 2005

Girls Day Out

On Friday, Natalie and Adrianna and I went adventuring about Seattle. Down to 'Chinatown' we went, which is also known as The International District.

Of course food was involved!! We found a little 'hole in the wall' noodle shop with the BEST soup. And the ladies that worked there really made 'noodling' it fun!! Our fabulous 'Noodle Mistress' made us order in Vietnamese which we all did our best to do well. She would gently say the name of the soup, we would try to repeat it in her mother tongue. WRONG!! We slaughtered her language willy-nilly, ending with fits of giggles by all. She was way too much fun, way to kind, and really made our lunch memorable!!

Vietnamese Noodle Soup Lunch

The 'Pho Bac' restaurant at 415 7th Avenue, Seattle, WA, and is definitely the place to stop for a fun lunch. We had two different noodle soups and Adrianna ventured into non-soup territory with a dish full of taste-fun egg rolls and stuff.

Out and about, there were many attention-grabbing shops full of unusual items to scrutinize. Lots of live seafood shops. I can’t count the Abalone I have harvested myself while scuba diving off the California coast years ago. I have a pile of Ab shells in my backyard….beautiful blues and greens and pinks cover the inside of these shells.

Seafood Market

Looking at these Abs brought back fine memories of Abalone fries at my house with lots of friends who couldn't WAIT for me to get back from a dive trip. I do know how to cook up some Abalone!!


We then ventured to Pioneer Square to take the 'Seattle Underground' tour. It was raining. And raining. And then -- still raining!! I really felt bad for the mounted police but imagined that by now, thru crime-fighting evolution, they had developed scales to fend off the ever falling water.

Pioneer Square

The Seattle Underground Tour. WOOT! Don't miss this if you visit Seattle any time soon. Amazingly, and unbeknownst to me BEFORE the tour, the current streets of Seattle are now approximately 15 feet above where they were in the early 1900's. But, even MORE amazingly, the original sidewalks are still below at the 'fire' elevation. Think of it in this way, there are 'walls' holding up the streets of Seattle that you can walk next too!

And think of this next time there is a earthquake. I'm just saying, running OUT of the a building to then STAND on a sidewalk in Pioneer Square. Not so smart and a fact that should now be added to your 'End of the World as We Know It' manual. I'm thinking its already added to the updated version of "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" if you subscribe to the weekly download of the ever changing galactic version, as I do. I digress......

Seattle 'Underground' Tour

The tour takes you underground, back up, and back down again. Here we cross at the old trolley Pagoda.....minus the trolleys.

Pagoda at Pioneer Square

Many of the 'skylights' are under foot as you walk above ground on the normal looking sidewalks.

Glass Sky View Sidewalks

But, HA!! Fooled you!!! Those decorative-looking glass fillers in the much trodden walkways are not just there to make a pretty walkway for your stroll. Nope. Here we stand under the same skylight as shown in the above photo.

Under The Glass Sky View Sidewalk

Very pretty. Kind of weird that there are skylights in the sidewalks of Seattle, but pretty nevertheless.

Sidewalks Above, Us Below

Our tour guide really made the tour the fun-filled event that it was. The humorous tales he told of the fires, bootlegging and scandalous details of Seattle's history were a 'come-alive in words' storied event. We laughed though much of it; and felt sorry for those from Tacoma for the verbal jabbing they endured as the tale of the two cities came to life.

It seems the below parking garage is extremely disliked by Seattlites. Glad it wasn't blown up while we were on tour as my Suzuk was parked there.

The 'Ship' Parking Garage

We next headed for Pike Place Market looking for fresh fish and chips. Fair warning, finding parking isn't easy -- look the parking garages up before you go. And the Pike Place Market map on their website -- it sucks because you can't download it and print it onto one page. Guess I'll have to put on my marketing hat and give them a call. This is the view from the garage as we cross the walking bridge into the market.

Harbor view from Pike Place Market

Flowers everywhere. I don't know where all these flowers come in from, but I have never been to Pike Place Market without viewing flowers from one end to the other. And I still have not visited the whole market!. I think it would be a full day of wandering. We endeavored nevertheless.

Adrianna & Natalie At Flower Stall

Pike Place Market is a fabulous place for picture taking. I'm sure whole books of photography from the place have already been done.

Passing Joy


I think if I lived downtown, much of my free-time would be spent there. And surely, the freshness of all these wonderful foods would reach my dining table. Just look at these vegetables!! Since everything in Vegas is trucked into the city from California, my appreciation of fresh is slightly skewed. Tables of fresh vegetables make me somewhat giddy.

More Veggies

More Veggies Again

And then, the sea foods. Oh boy. The sea-foods!!!!

Man & Shrimps


I also used to dive for these 'bugs' as we called them. Lobsters from California and/or the Caribbean have NO claws. We just ate the tails. Here are the same, but we called them Langusta! For those traveling south of the border past San Diego, CA, this is the place to get them if you're not diving for your own. Puerto Nuevo in Mexico, about one hour's drive south. Or, here, in Pike Market Place. A much easier trip for you North-westerners.



I know you have all seen on TV where the guys throw fish around in the market. Well, here it is. Minus any pictures of me actually catching the 'throwing' part.

Famous Fishmongers Corner

FMC #2

The Counter

Flowers. Again. More flowers.

Organized Flowers

Our last eating stop was for crepes. YUM. Don't miss this little place in the market either!!


Natalie and Adrianna had a second look at the huge lobster tails as we waltzed back towards our car. Natalie ate more this day than she had all week I think. I'm now thinking of handing off my own personal moniker of "Larry Lunch Mouth" to her. She ate everything! Obviously, Adrianna already had a wee-bit of training in the 'first we eat, then we wander, then we eat some more' department. Pretty soon, they will be giving Karen, Charlotte and I tips in "How to adventure and eat correctly as one does so" walk-abouts.

Lobsters Bigger Than Thou

Long Shot


Notice the below close-up.....

Damn Good Strawberries

And so our adventuring ends with flowers again. What a great and good day we had!! I look forward to our next "adventuring" day when I return to this part of the world. Hopefully, this summer. I had the BEST time with the both of them!! Thanks for sharing Seattle with me, you two!!!! Here's a bouquet just for you!!

Dried Flowers Galore!!


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I do so wish I could have been walking and munching along with you!

Happy New Year!

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