Thursday, December 22, 2005

Rain. Rain. And More Rain.

Lobo Guarding The Tree

Rain. Rain. Did you think there would be anything else??? Well, there is. There is love and friendship and driving around in 4-wheel drive. (Because I can, it's wet, and I have 4-wheel drive.) And letting sleeping dogs ly.

Fog too, is here. But not a lot. Only occasionally, wafting off of the still waters of umpteen million ponds, creeks, rivers and lakes. There is so much water here it makes a Desert Person wonder WHY don’t we just put in a water pipe-line to the Mohave Desert area? Kind of like the Oil pipe-line, but water? We’d have water. And maybe some Fog. Yes, that would be nice.

Close Up Of The Tree Guarding Lobo

I remember one holiday season when I had just moved into my house. I lived (then) in what my friends would call a drives day-trip away from Vegas. There were no OTHER housing developments around me. I-95 wasn’t a freeway at all; the 200,000 homes of Summerlin didn’t eat up the desert on the west side of the freeway. It was then still a beautiful green desert up to Red Rock. Friends then would spend the night on my couch if they had more than eight glasses of wine because ‘its tooooo far too drive into the city.’ Hehhehhhehhe. Now, I have friends that live PAST me. And nobody can have eight glasses of wine anymore because we all fall asleep after TWO!!

Anyway, then, the clouds or fog, I don’t know which it was, came down from the mountains and over took the road home one evening. I had been holiday shopping with my Mom and on my trip home…..clouds or fog. Everywhere. All I know was it was so magical. Floating water, making all the edges or hard tings soft. My house even looked soft. Couldn’t see across the street. Sounds were soft. Fog at my house. That was the only time in twenty years I’ve ever seen 'fog' at my house. It was special.

But here, fog. Everywhere. It’s always wisping up from the water. And oozing over the banks, fingers of ghostly grey moving towards the roads. Dressing trees in vaporous sheaths of see-though silver. It’s all very pretty. The past number of days it’s been warm for a Washington December I guess. No more frost everywhere. Rain and luscious fog.

This week has been non-stop busy with errands it seems. I ran errands with Mike on Tuesday. That was big fun. He’s always delightful to talk to (alligator face--no dangling participles). So riding around and getting things done, even in all the traffic, is an enjoyable time. Anytime spent with Charlotte, Karen or Mike, even just driving around and shopping, is something not to be missed. Lots of laughter and food…..we ALWAYS have to eat somewhere…..their company will make up for any hardship on the roads and the full parking lots. Aren’t all these other people supposed to be at work???

Yesterday, I made a Costco run for Charlotte. Oh my. Everybody in Bothell was there. And a few from Seattle I think. The place was jammed. It took forever. Glad I’m done and won’t have to go back there for awhile. It was crazy. And the rain, on the stuff I bought! Don’t ever have to think of that in Vegas. Rain.

Ran to Dean and Anne’s for a minute yesterday too. Luna and Baby had a good run together around the barn area. We got a break in the weather so she didn’t mind the run. She’s not a dog who likes the rain. When I make her go outside to do her business, you’d think I was cutting her with a razor.

Dog That Hates The Rain

“WHAT? You want me to go outside in the rain? In the cold? For 2 minutes? But, MOM, it’s wet out there, that stuff falling from the sky. Can’t you go with me?” THAT’S how she looks at me. Not a dog that likes the rain. But we work though it. With a little therapy and dog biscuits. And depending on how bad she has to pee.

Knitting? Oh that. Well, not much. And I’m still not done with one thing that has to be done. TOMMORROW. We're doing Christmas dinner early here at Chez Charlotte. So, I’m thinking at this point, the knitting, it won’t be done. Oh well. It will be done later. There are still other presents to be opened by the recipient, so ‘they’ won’t be too disappointed I hope. Just too many other things that needed to get done.

Here's a fabulous list concerning High fructose corn syrup in 'fast foods' with the resaurants and foods NAMED. (HFCS) is corn syrup that has been modified to increase the level of fructose (yea, like we all NEED that. Can you say, "HI FAT!"?) And since many of us 'eat on the run' the information is extremely relavent. Just yesterday, I put DOWN the box of 'Swiss Miss' hot chocalate because the FIRST ingredient was 'corn syrup.' Like I NEED that in my HC. Give me a break. I then bought my own 100% cocoa to make Char and I HC's with. Sad when HC (hot cocoa) doesn't end up really being HC on your tongue.

Well, I’m off to get SOME of that knitting done now. And listen to the rain. Stay warm. And dry!!!!

Simply Recipe's "Sugared Pecans"

"Three o'clock is always too late or too early for anything you want to do."
-- Jean-Paul Sartre


Blogger Knitter Interrupted said...

Oh Luna! Maggie hates rain too! HUGS sweetie!

And Kim, that santa plane photo is priceless! Just too funny!

Hope you are having a blast!

3:46 PM  

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