Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Morning Walk

The Park

This is a park close to Charlotte's house. A large creek runs though it. The mornings' walk affords the lungs and legs a small workout. And Lobo and Luna love the outing!

Charlotte & Lobo

Everything was covered in frost on Saturday morning.

Leaves & Ice I

Leaf & Ice I

Miss Luna loves the wide running space and will spend 98% of the time running. Just running!!! I was surprised the frost didn't appear to bother her paws. Nevertheless, I checked those tender toes upon arriving home. I did bring her 'booties' in case we need to spend some time in LOTS of snow. But a run in the park seemed to be fine for her. It was a beautiful morning!!

Luna & Frost

Charlotte and I spent the morning decorating her tree and living room. Beauty now twinkles there. Then we ran over to Dean and Anne's house for a visit which then turned into a run back to Snohomish for Mexican food at our favorite restaurant there. The four of us yelled back and forth over the Saturday night Karaoke going on. Dean told us some fascinating stories about growing up in the west and riding herd before becoming a Veterinarian.

Then home again to put my sleepy eyes to bed and cover up dear Luna.


Blogger Sara said...

Wheee! Luna looks sooo happy! I'm jealous! I love Seattle. Went in May. Hmmm, I think I need to visit Sis again.

5:31 AM  

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