Monday, December 26, 2005

A Snohomish Christmas

I've had a most lovely Christmas. Full of the best things that the holidays of Yule and Christmas have to offer. I've been blessed with love of friends and animals. Food beyond the making of dreams!! Warmth of home, hugs of affection, and generous helpings of laughter have filled the last number of days. My life is blessed.

And so, on to a story told in pictures full of holiday cheer!!

I'm so lucky that Luna actually LIKES to wear things. She loved her collar while tolerating her cuffs. But she would forget those and often become the 'Luna Claus.' Here she is dressed for our Christmas Dinner.

Luna Claus

Michael knows how to really play with Luna. She loves to rough-house and she's somewhat portable. So, if you will pick her up, roll her around, or put her in your lap.......her world is perfect.

Mike & Luna Claus

Mike is Charlotte's MOST PERFECT SIL. And I consider him one of my dearest and truest friends. If I could have ever picked a brother, it would be Michael. And so, he is -- in my heart.

Lap Dog Luna Claus

Food. Always fabulous food for the holidays. Ham and garlic green beans. YUM. Here's the annual picture of Charlotte, and her daughter Karen, in Charlotte's new kitchen, in her new house, in her new town, in her new state.

Karen & Charlotte

Presents. We were blessed with gifts of all sorts. And bows. Karen is the Queen of Bows. Watch out for that one with the glue gun. She could whip Iraq into shape with a glue gun if allowed. I'm just saying. We have serious bows in this family. I usually will wear one before the day/night is out. Here I am with said bow as I open the fabulous set of sterling silver hoop earrings from Charlotte.

Me With Xmas Bow Hair

Karen is my Sister in Heart. I couldn't pick a smarter, more loving person to have as a sister. She loves me and I love her. We think a lot alike and then, not so much. And we have opinions. Which always makes for good conversation. And I love her true-self. A glorious human in ways of heart and mind, Karen is a truly good person. I would trust her with my life. I am so proud of her in all the ways she has made decisions and followed though on those decisions. One of the most intelligent people I know and such a hard worker. Committed to her work. When I think of 'fine' humans, she is in the Top Five. And, she's even FUN!!! WOOT!!!

Karen With Xmas Knitting

Karen seems to love the scarves I knit. And, amazingly, she had asked for a RED one for Christmas. How lucky was I that I had already had it done!!!

Micheal, thorough some mishap of costume and party during Halloween, had lost their camera. Charlotte replaced it for Christmas. Lots of time follows with instructional readings.

Mike With New Camera

Luna is waiting for her present. She loves wrapped things and keeps sticking her nose in the package wrappings. Lobo just likes to watch. What a pair these two are.

Holiday Dogs Luna Claus & Lobo

And then, Mike picks up the scarf I made for Karen. What will he do next?

Mike With Xmas Knitting

Find a new use for it along with some holiday bows!!

What Men Do With Xmas Knitting And Bows

Ninja Holiday!!! While Michael plays dress up, I open a beautiful burnt velvet with beaded fringe scarf. I'm thinking this will be coming out for New Year's Eve.

Ohh La LA Scarf!!

And then the best stuff......

Xmas Smiles

Xmas Laughs

Xmas Mice....See the Cordless Mouse?

Xmas Dogs

The dog toys for Luna and Lobo lasted about 15 minutes. Then the stuffing started to show so away the toys went!! But those 15 minutes of play where big fun to watch. We have since replaced them with more new toys. Of which, one of four is now still on the floor. (Sigh.) At least there are sticks out in the yard.

This Christmas weekend was filled to the brim with love and happiness. We had a wonderful dinner on Friday night while Karen and Mike were off work. I spent some time at Dean and Anne's over the past few days laughing and letting Baby and Luna run around together (pics of that coming up). I also had fun driving about Seattle and talking with Michael while we finished up errands. Charlotte and I got in some good dog-walks at the park. We all have our health. And we all have each other.

THAT is what the holidays are about. Time spent together. Together with love. And a new cordless mouse (hehhehhhe).


Blogger Nancy said...

See? Told you that you had a larger family than you thought.

Blessings upon you and Luna and your large and very loving family!

10:09 AM  

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