Thursday, December 15, 2005

Mt. Shasta Full Moon

The Full Moon over Mt. Shasta this evening was not unlike the image captured above. As I sailed by in my metal Chariot, the snow-capped majestic mount rose from the planet as if a woman rising from the sea, fast and wild. To then shake sea foam from her hair. The froth froze as it laid down upon her shoulders, draping her in a mantel of shimmering white. Then there was stillness.

The Full Moon appeared as if sky faerie had run amuck, throwing transparent chiffon or vaporous silks scarves before it. A soft haze blurred the moon and mountain into one as the fog came up from the fields to meet the orb.

It seemed Mother Earth breathed out a prayer that touched the feet of mountain, then sky. And then moon. And then me. And now you.


Blogger Heather said...

Oh that is so beautiful! What a gorgeous sight.

7:33 AM  
Anonymous sher said...

I saw that picture and thought you had a damn good eye!
Fabulous! What a wonderous place to be for Christmas!
It looks like snow for LV today!
Coooold and grey! But Nicolie is with me so my world is pink and glittery.
GHugs to ya-

11:43 AM  

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