Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Clapotis II AKA 'The Unfinished Present'

"Mom!! So early!! Stop with the pictures already!!"

Knitting!! HA!! I'm still working on Charlotte's Christmas Present. At least now, we can sit together and watch Mark Harmon just be gorgeous on NCIS....and I can be productive while doing it.

This is Clapotis II for me. Same yarn as the last one, Berroco 'Softwist' but in a Sage green. Looks like I'll be taking it back home to finish it for her. I'm just not a daytime knitter so I seem to only find a few evening hours now and then to knit.

Clapotis II

That's OK. She still owes me a Xmas Vacuum.

Simply Recipe's "Spinach Frittata"

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Anonymous Esther said...

Oh I LOVE the banner pic of Luna on the beach!! Your clapotis is looking gorgeous - the color you chose is just beautiful!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

4:29 PM  

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