Saturday, January 28, 2006

In Remembrance Of Soulful Adventure

'Discovery' On Launch -- Perfect Trust

Challenger Mission 20 Years Ago

STS 51-L crewmembers: (Back row from left) mission specialist Ellison Onizuka, Teacher in Space participant Sharon Christa McAuliffe, payload specialist Greg Jarvis and mission specialist Judy Resnik. In the front row are pilot Michael Smith, commander Francis 'Dick' Scobee, and mission specialist Ronald McNair.
I remember exactly where I was when the Challenger exploded. I gasped, then started crying. And I'm not much of the crying type. It was just so unexpected and tragic.

I've loved 'all-things-space' since I was a small child. My Grandfather worked for NASA -- I have an old pay stub that I cherish. My most favorite books were all science fiction. I know where I was when we landed on the moon. I seriously considered teaching in the NASA pool where they train astronauts for space work based on my instructor level in technical scuba training. And every time, to this day, a Shuttle goes to sky, my heart goes with it and it's crew. So watching the Challenger explode was truly heart wrenching for me.

And a vivid reminder that great things are done by men and women with great adventuring souls. No guts, no glory. The final truth, and final trust in all things......of the people that build the machine and software.....of the universe in how she works...... and the role of your life on a time line...........

The final blazing lit and bound for the sky.

So much more than man and machine. So much more is fired and lifted. Then was lost. But only for a moment. The legacy left, the stories told, the things learned, the hearts and eyes raised up -- all remembered and torch-passed to the next crew and generation.

If we had not gone back to space, it not only would have been a dishonor to the astronauts by displaying our lack of faith in our dreams and in their dreams -- that they gave their life for, it would have taken a piece of our cultural and tribal soul. America goes to space. And earth Human Beings have a need to explore and be......... more.

Apollo 1, Challenger and Columbia remind us in the deepest part of our souls the sometimes cost of being an adventurer. And why it's important. Reach for the stars. Never give up. Have faith and trust. It is our human soul manifested in an out-worldly form, this blazing for the sky.

Stepping to the line, that once crossed, you can never go back too. Laying everything out....step. Here is my life. Step. Here is my love. This will change me for ever. No matter what manifests. Step. Pagans have a saying......

"In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust"

To all astronauts and flyers everywhere.....I bow in your honor. And I fly in my dreams with you.


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