Saturday, April 01, 2006

In the WIND with Clapotis II

Clapotis II is now at the 'decrease' section and moving along rapidly -- as long as I pick it up. Charlotte might have this for those chilly Spring evenings on her porch sooner than later!

Clapotis II

Clapotis II In Repose With Super Model Luna Azure

I have left the 'drop stitches' undropped as I have worked this to keep the unit neat for travel. But here is a close-up of an area of dropped stitches.

Drop Stitches, Dropped & Not

Luna, Clapotis II and I made it to the boat. I have NEW neighbors....which I AM thrilled about!!! They are somewhat the quiet type which is GREAT!!! And Miss Luna and their dog, Roxy, seem to get along fine. So, besides the WIND -- why ALWAYS wind in Spring??? the boating neighborhood could be worse. I HATE loud neighbors.....but we won't go there right now.

WIND. Always a given this time of year. I guarantee when we hit 70* we will have 30 mph winds. Which does NOT make for good sailing. Especially when it's gusty. My friend Sheri ripped out a $5000 sail a few years ago during a race during a gusty blow. Three other boats also shared in the shredding that time.

I have also blasted out a sail on my previous boat during these hair-arranging days. And have you ever tried to get in or out of the slipway with blowing winds? Remember, you have to have enough forward speed to get where you need to go while the wind may be pushing you to one side. It's an art not to smash into the slip front sometimes; other times it just plan luck. LOVE the 70* days, HATE the BIG WIND. (Just recorded a 37 MPH gust with 27 MPH sustained winds).

Today, while I'm getting blown out, I'll be working on this:

Port Handrail & Cabin Trim

Handrail Close Up

Another Ugly Close Up Of Wood Work Neglected

The hand sander is at the ready as it the Cetol to paint over the newly sanded wood. I'm not going to varnish the handrails as I plan on making covers for them. While I don't like the way Cetol looks, it will be just fine under covers.

And this is probably why I don't have a boyfriend, either. I'm too much work or my boat is. Which do you dare venture to take a guess at?

You Are a Friendly Ex

While the guys you've dated haven't been perfect, you've kept most as friends. In fact, one or two of your exes may be your best friends - after all, they know you best And though your mature attitude is awesome, make sure nothing gets too weird. Or else you could lose these friendships, simply because your exes' new women think you're *too* friendly

Simply Recipe's "Seared Tuna with Avocado"

"The small courtesies sweeten life; the greater ennoble it."


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